Metazoa Enhances Snapshot with Salesforce Data Cloud Support, Pioneering Advanced Data Governance

In a strategic move that aligns with Salesforce’s recent emphasis on its Data Cloud as a central component of the new Einstein 1 Platform, Metazoa, a leader in Salesforce org management tools, announced a significant upgrade to Metazoa Snapshot. This enhancement integrates support for Salesforce Data Cloud, granting administrators revolutionary capabilities for data management and governance.

Salesforce has positioned its Data Cloud at the heart of its CRM+AI+Data strategy, enabling enterprises to leverage a unified data ecosystem that enhances customer experiences through advanced AI-driven insights. In keeping with this focus, Metazoa’s latest update provides administrators unprecedented visibility and control over their Data Cloud environments, streamlining data operations and improving governance and compliance.

“With Salesforce centering its future around the Data Cloud and AI integrations, our new Snapshot capabilities are designed to equip administrators with the tools they need to excel in this evolving landscape,” said Bill Appleton, CTO of Metazoa. “This integration not only enhances efficiency and data quality but also prepares our customers for future technological advancements within the Salesforce ecosystem.”

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Salesforce Data Cloud and Metazoa Snapshot: A Strategic Enhancement

Gartner recently acknowledged Salesforce as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant™ for Customer Data Platforms, highlighting the strategic importance of Data Cloud in today’s data-driven market. Metazoa Snapshot complements this by offering robust features tailored for effective data governance and management, making it an essential tool for organizations looking to capitalize on their Data Cloud investments.

As the first Salesforce independent software vendor to support Data Cloud metadata, Metazoa sets a new standard in Salesforce development operations. “The addition of Data Cloud to Salesforce configurations introduced complexities in managing new setup screens and metadata,” commented Vernon Keenan, Senior Industry Analyst at “Metazoa’s Snapshot is the first tool to expose and manage these new elements effectively, offering a significant advantage to Salesforce administrators.”

Key Features of the Updated Metazoa Snapshot:

  • Comprehensive Data Dictionary: Snapshot now provides detailed documentation for Data Cloud objects and fields, including all properties, data sources, and field mappings. This capability improves documentation for compliance and corporate governance.
  • Enhanced Impact Analysis: Administrators can navigate all the dependencies between Data Cloud metadata and other Salesforce assets. This feature provides a detailed understanding of the Data Cloud configuration and the impact of destructive changes.
  • Streamlined Metadata Deployment: The tool supports the seamless migration of Data Cloud metadata between Salesforce orgs, providing a record of configuration changes over time, and ensuring consistent release management practices.


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