Jasper Announces Industry-Leading Image Editing Model, Powers new Figma AI Features

Jasper, the world’s leading AI marketing platform, announced an industry-leading background removal model with best in class latency and exceptional edge case handling.

Jasper’s innovative model is already transforming business processes for enterprise organizations. The model was selected to power Figma’s background removal tool, unveiled today at its annual Config conference as part of a new suite of AI features.

“With Figma AI, designers can focus on more strategic work because time-consuming tasks like creating placeholder content or wiring up prototypes are now automated,” said Yuhki Yamashita, Chief Product Officer at Figma. “This includes common tasks like background removal,” he added.

“For so long, designers have had to rely on various workarounds for removing a flat image’s background,” said Jody Hudson-Powell, Partner at Pentagram. “Now, with the Jasper integration within Figma, it’ll be easier than ever to keep this simple action right within your Figma workflow so you can stay in flow state longer, and avoid toggling between tools.”

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This announcement follows Jasper’s recent introduction of Flash Diffusion — an innovative new image distillation method that accelerates inference by 500%, reduces computing costs and produces higher-quality image outputs — and highlights Jasper’s continued commitment to innovative AI research.

“As an applied AI company built by and for marketers, we care deeply about pushing the boundaries of generative AI research to deliver powerful multimodal solutions to our customers,” said Timothy Young, Jasper’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is a great example of a global organization leveraging our proprietary models to power innovative image editing solutions at scale to improve outputs for their customers.”

Jasper is a global Enterprise AI marketing company with offices in the US, Australia and France. Jasper’s platform enables the world’s most innovative companies to reimagine their end-to-end marketing workflows, driving increased brand consistency, efficiency and personalization at scale.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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