Why Optimizely’s Partnership with Google Cloud Is Beneficial for Digital Marketers?

In February this year, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, Optimizely, announced that it has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. But how is this partnership useful for Digital Marketers? As important as it is for front-end website-related issues should be handled by the suitable company similarly, it is important for Digital Marketers to have the best and the most-advanced technologies to interpret and react to real-time consumer behaviors.

The partnership between the two means Optimizely will now be moving its market-leading experimentation solutions to Google’s Cloud Platform. This partnership between the two tech giants is a multi-year agreement. They are commitment to collaborate on innovative opportunities to bring advanced and digital-first marketing solutions in the market.

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This is why Optimizely’s partnership with Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) is a great opportunity for Digital Marketers to explore their digital potential. Marketer are expected to create exceptional customer experiences, and to deliver strong business results. Optimizely’s experimentation solutions combined with Google Cloud’s trusted and secure platform is just what they need to achieve this.

This means that Optimizely’s customers, can now experience Optimizely’s best-in-breed experimentation tools powered by Google Cloud. In their announcement, Optimizely said that they are elated to bring the world’s most advanced tools to Digital Marketers worldwide. This is not all, most widely used and popular tools in a digital marketer’s space like Google Analytics, on the Google Cloud platform will also be joining Optimizely’s experimentation suite.

This makes Digital Marketers even more empowered to explore new digital opportunities. With the inclusion of Google analytics to Optimizely’s experimentation suite customers can maximize insights from customer data. All businesses can benefit from using machine learning and advanced analytics and this combination will allow businesses to make intelligent and fact driven predictions about consumers’ behavior, automate processes, and streamline operations. With Google Cloud and Optimizely now joining hands together will create a quick and accurate data-management platform for their customers.

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