InOrg Launches Global Strats & Chats Virtual Event Series

InOrg, a leading provider of strategic global solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new virtual event series, Global Strats & Chats. Kicking off on June 25, 2024, this monthly series will bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and business executives to discuss the latest global operations trends, strategies, and innovations, focusing on leveraging the power of Global Capability Centers (GCCs).

Global Strats & Chats Overview

Harnessing InOrg’s extensive experience in GCCs, the Global Strats & Chats series provides a platform for in-depth discussions on strategic operations. Each session will focus on a specific theme, offering attendees valuable insights and proven strategies to enhance operational excellence

InOrg, in partnership with industry leaders, will tackle critical topics, showcasing the impact of strategically implementing GCCs. Through live Q&A sessions, attendees can delve deeper into the event’s topic and explore leveraging these insights into practical applications within their organizations.

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The focus is on unlocking value across key areas like driving efficiency, innovation, and talent, with real-world examples and insights from outside experts providing a well-rounded perspective.

Empowering Businesses with Insights and GCC Expertise

“Our Global Strats & Chats elevates the industry event experience by empowering businesses with actionable insights and strategies to unleash the transformative power of Global Capability Centers,” said Jeremy Stensland, Founder & President of InOrg. ” Through this virtual series, attendees gain a unique perspective from industry leaders at the forefront of GCCs, equipping them to achieve a sustained competitive advantage for their organizations.”

InOrg is a leading provider of strategic global solutions dedicated to transforming businesses into resilient, agile, and globally competitive enterprises. We empower organizations to integrate talent, technology, and strategic capabilities seamlessly, ensuring they stay ahead in today’s dynamic market. Our tailored solutions drive operational excellence, foster innovation, and enable scalability.


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