Google Ads Unveils New Brand Recommendations Powered by Google AI

Google is thrilled to announce the launch of Brand Recommendations, a new feature powered by Google AI, now live on the Recommendations page of Google Ads. These tailored recommendations are designed to enhance both awareness and consideration campaigns, including cost-per-thousand (CPM) and cost-per-view (CPV) campaigns. Brand Recommendations will appear alongside existing performance-related suggestions for cost-per-action campaigns, providing advertisers with a comprehensive suite of optimization options.

By analyzing an advertiser’s Google Ads account history, campaign settings, and trends across Google, Brand Recommendations automatically generate suggestions that improve the effectiveness and performance of campaigns. These recommendations help advertisers discover new, relevant features and adopt the latest Google Ads best practices to achieve their campaign goals.

Advertisers can now leverage the Recommendations page to optimize their CPM or CPV campaigns for maximum brand impact. These recommendations are customized for each advertiser and are continuously updated. We encourage advertisers to check their recommendations frequently, as Google Ads continually identifies new opportunities and launches new recommendation types.

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5 Categories of Brand Recommendations to Optimize Brand Campaigns

1. Ads and Assets
“Ads and assets” recommendations help advertisers refine brand ads, create new ads, display the best-performing ads more frequently, and organize ads into more effective ad groups. These recommendations maximize ad performance and assist advertisers in achieving their brand goals. Examples include:

  • Add Bumper Ads
  • Include video aspect ratio
  • Funnel up with a Brand Campaign

2. Bidding and Budgets
“Bidding and budgets” recommendations help advertisers find the right bid strategy to meet their business goals and ensure ad campaigns aren’t limited by bids or budgets. These recommendations include impact estimates to help advertisers understand how adjustments can grow brand awareness or increase market share by attracting new customers. Examples include:

  • Adjust your CPM Budgets for flighted budgets
  • Adjust your CPV Budgets for flighted budgets
  • Adjust your tCPM Bids

3. Keywords and Targeting
“Keywords and targeting” recommendations help advertisers reach more people interested in their offerings. Examples include:

  • Opt in to audience expansion
  • Create a new Ad Group without contextual targeting

4. Measurement
Measurement recommendations unlock additional reporting features, providing advertisers with better insights into campaign performance. Examples include:

  • Link your YouTube account in Google Ads

How to Get Started with Brand Recommendations

Advertisers can access their Google Ads account and click on any active CPM or CPV campaign to see if these recommendations are available today. Adopting Brand Recommendations is a best practice to maximize the chances of brand campaign success.

SOURCE: Google

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