SodaStream Personalizes Customer Engagements by Scaling Segmentation with Optimove

The leading sparkling water brand is strategically investing in scaling personalized CRM Marketing and recorded significant uplift in order amount via Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM journeys

SodaStream, part of PepsiCo and the world’s leading sparkling water brand, has seen valuable ROI in its first few months of its enterprise-wide partnership with Optimove, the leader in CRM Marketing orchestration. SodaStream’s strategic collaboration with Optimove marked a significant milestone in the company’s digital transformation, part of the plan to grow its direct-to-consumer (DTC) business line.

SodaStream selected Optimove for its next generation technology which uses AI to orchestrate CRM Journeys, placing it as the only solution in the market that can viably deliver hyper-personalized, customer-led experiences, at scale. With Optimove, SodaStream orchestrates offers, channels, and messages to hundreds of segments, ensuring that only the combination with the highest impact is delivered to each customer, always.

The brand has been undergoing a digital transformation as part of the plan to grow its DTC business. The partnership with Optimove has further enhanced this strategic objective by allowing SodaStream to scale their ability to create, orchestrate, measure, and optimize a sophisticated CRM operation, with the goal of maximizing customer engagement through growing the value delivered to their customers.

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Initial results indicate a significant uplift in order amount across segmented campaigns and a statistically significant increase in Click Through Rate. During this period, SodaStream has leveraged Optimove to automate 98% of their personalized campaigns. Additionally, by using Optimove’s productized control groups in 85% of campaigns, the company is scientifically testing and measuring the incremental impact across customer interactions and business KPIs.

“We are continuously growing our investment in our valued customers to ensure that our customers get maximum value from their relationship with SodaStream,” said Yoed Negri, Global Director of Digital Transformation at SodaStream. “As part of our digital transformation, we strive to engage and communicate with our customers with the highest level of personalization possible. Throughout the years, our DTC offering has gotten us closer to our customers. The next milestone in this initiative to become more customer-centric is to drive growth through our investment in our customers. Optimove’s solution was exactly what we were looking for—a partner to help us intelligently scale our CRM Marketing, deeply understand our customers, measure the incremental impact of each and every interaction, and streamline this entire framework to orchestrate always-relevant communications with hundreds of segments, through all channels, consistently.”

“SodaStream has always been a disruptive force in the beverage industry,” said Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder of Optimove. “We are confident that Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM Journeys will enhance the disruption SodaStream leads, by being a significant part of its digital transformation and customer-centric approach. Orchestrating hyper-personalized communications with hundreds of segments and creating customer-led experiences will enable SodaStream to truly exhibit customer centricity at its best. This is exactly what we built Optimove for—helping leading brands grow through investing in their existing customers via personalized CRM Marketing.”

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