Constructor Named a Visionary in the First-Ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Search and Product Discovery

Constructor, the leading AI-powered product discovery and search platform for enterprise ecommerce companies, announced it has been named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Search and Product Discovery. According to the report, search and product discovery (S&PD) “helps organizations meet the demands of today’s B2B and B2C buyers.”

Constructor’s award-winning technology delivers personalized, cohesive experiences across the buyer journey — enabling ecommerce companies to increase revenue and conversions, and execute on other metrics that matter.

Gartner defines search and product discovery as “applications that augment digital commerce solutions to facilitate navigation, filtering, comparisons and ultimately selection of products” — noting that “buyers of S&PD products are looking to use these platforms to deliver and support a unique, compelling and consistent CX [customer experience] across many channels.” According to the report, “Demand for differentiating S&PD continues to grow, as it is often seen as a relatively cost-effective way to provide optimal experiences in the path to purchase — without fully replacing an incumbent digital commerce or DXP [digital experience platform].” Gartner also explains that, when it comes to S&PD, “‘headless’ options — that is, decoupled front ends or architectural approaches that put them on a path to composable commerce — are often preferred.”

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Constructor’s headless platform — the only ecommerce product discovery platform built from the ground up using AI, rather than bolting it on after the fact — delivers on the promise of composable architectures, adding more business value fast. A founding member of the MACH Alliance, which advocates for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, Constructor helps B2B and B2C ecommerce companies — including Sephora, Petco, Birkenstock, Very Group and Fisheries Supply — drive personalized, revenue-generating experiences across search results, browse functionality, product recommendations, landing pages, product-finder quizzes, its AI Shopping Assistant (ASA) and more.

As ecommerce companies look to create value-driven S&PD experiences, they often find that surfacing simply relevant results (e.g., shirts when someone searches for “shirts”) no longer cuts it. Gartner explains that “for many years, the key to a site or app search was relevance. However, good relevance has become highly commoditized and is not enough on its own.” Constructor powers highly personalized, highly attractive results (such as displaying shirts in the buyer’s preferred brands, styles, colors, size, price point, etc.) — using clickstream behavioral data and multiple types of AI to accurately gauge and cater to an individual’s intent.

“We’ve long said that in ecommerce, moving beyond relevance is critical. We feel that buyers need experiences that are contextualized to them, and that what we show shoppers shouldn’t just be relevant, but it should be attractive products they actually want to buy. The results we’ve delivered for our customers highlight the power of delivering attractive — not just relevant — experiences,” said Eli Finkelshteyn, CEO, Constructor. “There are lots of exciting advances on the horizon of ecommerce search and product discovery, and we’re excited to help companies harness them.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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