Klarna expands growth tools for retailers and creators through global rollout of Creator Shops and Ads Manager

Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network and shopping assistant, announced the expansion of its growth tools for retailers and creators to help them engage with their audiences in more effective ways and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. With a mission to accelerate commerce, Klarna’s marketing and ad solutions open new revenue channels for large and small retailers, especially during times when they’re looking for extra support to grow their businesses, drive traffic and increase sales.

“Building on our suite of marketing and ad solutions for retailers, Klarna’s Creator Shops and Ads Manager continue to transform the company beyond BNPL into a growth partner and retail media network within the industry,” said David Sandstrom, CMO, Klarna. “Our combined network of over one million retail partners and creators globally now have even more powerful ways to reach Klarna’s 150 million high-intent shoppers, while consumers can enjoy a more relevant and personalized shopping experience.”

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Ads Manager: a powerful new way to reach the world’s best shoppers 

Riding on its US success, Ads Manager is now available to Klarna’s retail partners in the UK and Sweden, offering a powerful new way to reach Klarna’s 150 million high-intent shopper audience. Consumers willingly share their information with Klarna in order to receive a more personalized shopping experience. Ads Manager ensures relevant content is being shown to consumers by enabling retailers to reach the shoppers who are actively seeking brands and products similar to their own. The platform offers brands an easier and more efficient way to advertise, from ad creation and audience targeting, to in-platform reporting for campaign optimization.

Unlike platforms such as Google, Facebook and others, where consumer intent is on general search queries, interacting with friends, listening to music, or finding a job, consumer intent on Klarna is laser focused on shopping, making the Ads Manager a highly effective platform for retailers to reach shoppers at the point of purchase. Additionally, contrary to marketplaces like Amazon, retailer ads on Klarna drive traffic and engagement directly back to the retailer with no intermediation between brand and consumer. Retailers in the US running ads with Klarna have seen click-through-rates up to 25x those of industry averages.

“Klarna Ads Manager gives us the ability to deploy targeted ad campaigns quickly and effortlessly to reach Klarna shoppers,” said Caleb Orion, Director of Acquisition, Caden Lane. “We are always looking for new ways to meet customers where they are, and this audience has been valuable to engage with, delivering strong click-through-rates. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows us to track campaigns easily, enabling us to drive valuable results for our business.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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