Pacvue Introduces New AI Integrations Across Product Suite

Pacvue, the industry’s first commerce acceleration platform, unveiled several new AI capabilities to enhance its product suite. Designed to accelerate all areas of connected commerce, Pacvue’s latest integrations enable brands and agencies to use advanced AI for enhanced campaign management automation, content generation, mass account auditing and access to quick AI-powered insights.

According to EMARKETER, retail media is the fastest-growing advertising channel at an increase of 26% this year alone. By 2028, nearly one in five ad dollars spent in the U.S. will go to retail media. As the channel grows, AI is becoming increasingly important to address some of the emerging challenges that arise from its rapid acceleration.

“We are integrating AI in every part of our product suite from research and execution to measurement,” said Melissa Burdick, president and co-founder of Pacvue. “The rate of change in commerce is only expected to accelerate from here. Pacvue’s copilot and generative AI features are ahead of the curve, enabling small and big brands alike to improve efficiencies and execute campaigns faster, leading to successful conversions.”

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Pacvue’s latest AI innovations address siloed data sources, improve team efficiency and the resulting cost savings and the ability to manage the complexities of the industry with consistent manual intervention. Key AI integrations include:

  • Pacvue Copilot: Pacvue’s AI commerce companion follows advertisers through the Pacvue platform to provide real-time analysis, simplify reporting and streamline workflows. Advertisers can use natural language prompts to quickly pull insights, gain intelligent recommendations based on campaign goals and seamlessly leverage and execute with the full suite of Pacvue’s automation tools.
  • Pacvue Generative Content: In addition to generative item listings, the new tool enables product image generation using advanced AI technology. This allows effortless creation, customization and fine-tuning of high-quality brand-aligned product images.
  • Pacvue AI Review: Using AI-powered analysis, Pacvue AI Review shows how a product ranks against its competition. Brands and agencies can use Pacvue AI Review to understand the distribution of positive and negative reviews for any product.
  • Pacvue AI Insights: Pacvue has integrated AI into its measurement and reporting capabilities to generate insights when they are needed most. For example, it can generate insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) query results with intelligent guidance on what next steps should be taken. Pacvue customers can use this tool to uncover nuanced patterns, allowing for dynamic strategies and improved performance, without the need for manual analysis.

“As a technology-first organization, our team is compelled by the immense potential of AI to streamline and automate so many areas of commerce, driving productivity and profitability for businesses in every sector,” said Zhenbin Xu, chief product officer at Pacvue. “As commerce companies seek to leverage AI for everything from planning assortments to buying ads, we are committed to being at the forefront of innovation, offering brands and agencies a broad range of tools they can reach for to action their data much, much faster, and get better results.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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