Mapp Cloud Winter Update: 15 New Functions Added for Optimized Campaign Control and Customer Journey

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, is implementing extensive product updates to its Mapp Cloud marketing platform. Within its Winter Update, the MarTech company is launching 15 new functionalities and improvements. Google Ads campaign data can now be seamlessly integrated into Mapp Cloud and the AI-based “Topics of Interest” functionality enables highly individualized and automated targeting. The Winter Update supports advertisers in achieving their marketing goals more efficiently through integrated and targeted campaigns along the customer journey.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, comments: “The Mapp Cloud Winter Update demonstrates how AI is an integral part of our marketing platform. We offer smart customer analytics for cross-channel campaigns and enable AI-based live adjustments for maximum efficiency. Our customers benefit from a holistic data base throughout the customer journey using the tools of their choice. It’s never been easier to manage campaign performance, optimizations and advertising costs for successful brand experiences, all from a single source.”

Through the integration of Google Ads, all data from corresponding Google campaigns can now be seamlessly transferred to the Mapp Intelligence customer analytics module and visualized there. This provides valuable insights into campaign performance and facilitates optimization and control of campaigns. Customers can compare the performance of Google Ads with data from other marketing activities and continually assess the development of their advertising costs. As a result, with Mapp Intelligence, marketers are able to capture and manage the complete CPO across relevant channels in a highly reliable manner. Aside from accurately assessing advertising costs, customers will also be able to synchronize and bundle ad types, impressions and clicks from Google Ads.

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With the new “Topics of Interest” functionality within the Segmentation Builder, target groups with specific interests can be identified and addressed effectively. Marketers will define the relevant areas of interest – and the AI selects appropriate target groups automatically, which means content placement no longer has to be tackled manually. It also ensures that consumers always receive highly relevant content. This enables information and offers to be targeted precisely thanks to previously collected data based on thematic interest.

The Winter Update includes further exciting innovations within the customer analytics module Mapp Intelligence. For detailed marketing analyses in third-party systems, the Analytics API now also provides lists of all available metrics, dimensions, and formulas. The UI and UX of the User Interface have also been further improved and Multi-Factor Authentication for Mapp Intelligence logins has been introduced.

Another highlight is the Data Streams Monitoring when transferring real-time data to data warehouse systems. This gives marketers more control and monitoring options for data transfers, allowing them to identify issues within data streams. A new Browser Plugin helps debug Mapp Intelligence website implementations so that tracking requests can be easily visualized.

In addition, the new “Do Not Track” Option for emails enables a privacy-friendly approach to data collection. Marketers can analyze the performance of their campaigns without recording individual user movements, as interactions including email opens and clicks can be captured completely anonymously. This protects user privacy while enabling precise statistical data.

Mapp is now also seamlessly integrated with VTEX‘s digital commerce platform. A graphical UI extension is available within VTEX’s eCommerce platform, for customers to integrate and activate tracking in one click without having to edit the source code. The new plugin is available in the VTEX App Store.

Additional functions will also be added to the Mapp Cloud: AMP automation in the marketing automation module “Whiteboard” for particularly targeted content placement along the customer journey, improved segmentation in list creation, and improvements in marketing automation for Mapp Intelligence.

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