AdRunner NFT – the Future of Metaverse Advertising

The billion-dollar question – who will master the metaverse advertising market?

By now, most of us have heard the words NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Metaverse, two of the hottest topics on the market. Judging by the fast adoption of existing metaverse platforms and multiple ongoing initiatives to create new ones, it seems inevitable that these platforms will soon be used by hundreds of millions across the globe to work, socialize, play, do shopping and much more. Surely, with such adoption, businesses will want to use the metaverse for advertising – but how exactly? AdRunner is here to answer that exact question.

This young and diverse team is working on creating a platform that will generate interactive digital screens in the metaverse, through which companies will be able to run their ads. They call these screens AdBoxes and intend to place them on virtual real estate already built in the metaverse. In return, they will pay digital real estate owners a share of advertising revenues.

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It is still not clear what AdBoxes will look like and how they will use the lack of limitations of the digital universe. In active discussions on their Discord channel, the community speaks of 2D and 3D impressions that would remind one of the shark animation chasing Morty from Back to the Future.

To kickstart the project, AdRunner plan to sell 10,000 NFTs in March 2022. This way they are trying to raise capital and at the same time attract people who are interested and believe in their project. This is a new, hybrid way of acquiring talent and motivating them by giving them ownership of the project.

Although the NFT designs are undoubtedly unique and stand out from the crowd, they are somewhat overshadowed by the scale of the business idea behind them. If successful, the owners of AdRunner NFTs will have a little bit more than a bunch of digital artwork to be proud of.

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