Appcast Launches Appcast Labs with Mission to Create Disruptive and Breakthrough Talent Acquisition Solutions for Employers

Appcast, the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services, announced the launch of Appcast Labs, a new research and innovation initiative with a mission to create disruptive and breakthrough talent acquisition solutions for employers. Appcast Labs will develop trailblazing technology to complement Appcast’s existing programmatic recruitment advertising software and services.

At the helm of Appcast Labs is Tom Chevalier, who is part of the founding team of Appcast and will serve as Appcast Labs’ founder and general manager. Chevalier, who has been with Appcast for more than eight years, has played an integral role as Appcast’s chief product officer and in his new position, will lead the charge to develop the next generation of recruitment technology. Expanding beyond Appcast’s cornerstone programmatic job advertising technology, Appcast Labs aims to build technologies to optimize recruitment marketing. Appcast clients will not only receive early access to Appcast Labs’ technology and services but will also play a collaborative role in the development process.

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“Appcast Labs is an ambitious new venture and a place for our talented team to think, invent and develop groundbreaking solutions to the greatest barriers to our clients’ goals and success,” said Chevalier. “It’s an honor to lead this exciting new initiative and be given the freedom to explore cutting-edge strategies and completely new approaches to attracting top talent. And like a startup, we’re going to move quickly.”

Appcast Labs’ first priority will be combating wasted job advertising spend. A multi-billion-dollar problem for the U.S. enterprise market alone, Appcast found that 96% of sponsored job ad clicks do not result in a completed job application. Appcast Labs will concentrate its efforts on minimizing wasted dollars, making the recruitment process more cost-efficient.

As one of its inaugural projects, Appcast Labs recently partnered with Advantage Solutions, to optimize job titles and improve organic traffic from key candidate sources. The Appcast Labs team quickly developed a new solution tailored to Advantage Solutions’ unique needs, improving critical TA workflows in a scalable and data-driven way.

“Early indicators show that Appcast Labs’ organic solution has outperformed all expectations with some publishers providing click-through rates of up to 19%,” said Blake Drewette, talent attraction manager for Appcast client, Advantage Solutions. “It is very comforting to know that this feed not only acts as a complement to sponsored job efforts but has proven to yield results.”


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