AI-driven features elevate MCI customer experience with OneSystem Plus platform

MCI USA recently launched new features for OneSystem Plus, the trade show industry’s most flexible and customizable event housing and registration platform. Artificial intelligence will help trade show organizers deliver more return on investment for their exhibiting community, with capabilities such as ChatGPT technology for customer service, improved lead qualification and more.

“MCI USA recognizes the potential AI has to improve the live event experience,” says Chris Williams, senior vice president, registration and housing, MCI USA. “MCI has been investing heavily in this area and views it as a cornerstone of being a technology leader in the marketplace. MCI’s progress will change and improve the products and services provided to show organizers around the world and gives attendees and exhibitors solutions that last beyond the event itself.”

One of the new features is available in Plus Lead, MCI’s lead cultivation app. Attendee data is funneled into OneSystem Plus’ GPT-based AI engine, providing exhibitors a real-time score and a summary of the attendee’s interests compared to the exhibitor’s product and service offerings to help them rate and qualify the lead immediately. This score and lead summary is updated constantly throughout the event as more behavioral data is compiled.

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MCI can bring value to exhibitors by automatically qualifying leads with AI that works,” says Jeff Moore, vice president, technology and innovation, MCI USA. “Exhibitors will save time and money by knowing right away where to focus their efforts during and after the event.”

Additional features coming this year include the following:

  • Contact center – Certain aspects of MCI’s contact center will be fully automated using ChatGPT, which will handle live chats and emails and identify gaps in the information provided to the attendee before, during and after the event.
  • Attendee recommendations – Using attendee data, OneSystem Plus will share session and exhibitor recommendations with each attendee to build an agenda and trade show floor tour based on their interests.
  • Attendee feedback – The platform will summarize post-event survey responses and provide recommendations on how to improve the next event.
  • Content generation ideas – Using the attendee feedback summary, the platform will help event organizers generate an agenda and content for the next event, based on AI-driven recommendations.

“AI has the power to transform the way exhibitors analyze their sales leads in real-time at trade shows, providing valuable insights and predictive analytics that can accelerate the sales process and increase revenue growth,” says James Kelley, vice president of registration at MCI USA. “MCI USA is at the forefront of showing what’s possible using this technology in the live events industry.”


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