AudienceXpress and Epsilon Partner to Enhance Audience Reach and Drive Scale Across Convergent TV Buying

AudienceXpress, a Comcast Advertising company, announced it has partnered with Epsilon, a global advertising and marketing technology company, to introduce a new capability for enhancing audience-based, convergent television buying.

This new partnership taps into synergistic strengths on both sides of the integration and allows marketers to enhance audience reach and drive scale across today’s fragmented, complex and dynamic TV ad landscape.

Epsilon is now able to tap into AudienceXpress’s reach, scale and expertise across the CTV sector. This partnership accelerates Epsilon’s clients’ ability to harness the power of their first-party data and Epsilon’s data with the insights from AudienceXpress to activate, execute and measure campaigns with a greater degree of accuracy.

With access to more transaction and behavior-based data than ever before, AudienceXpress will be able to create even more precise CTV audience segments for clients.

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Therefore, brands, agencies and advertisers now have the ability to reach unique audiences with greater precision across all premium video channels, with a privacy-focused approach.

“As we began to search for a partner that offered the scale and ability to reach the specific audiences and data insights we needed, we were impressed by AudienceXpress’s vast network of aggregated premium video inventory,” said Dennis Self, GM of Data Solutions, Epsilon. “Through this mutually beneficial partnership, we are able to move forward with an innovative approach that allows us to quickly scale this important partnership.”

“The TV ad marketplace continues to grow, evolve and shift constantly and dynamically, and so we recognized the need to provide a way for advertisers to find and connect with their audiences when, where and how they want to consume media,” said Katy Loria, CRO of AudienceXpress and FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the TV ad industry that is also part of Comcast Advertising. “This new partnership brings together some of the core strengths and assets of two key industry players to deliver a much needed way for advertisers to navigate and thrive in today’s TV ad ecosystem.”

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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