Google Launches Updated Search Ads 360 Management Platform for Performance Advertisers

Google has announced the launch of an updated Search Ads 360 platform, which will provide more management options for your Google Ads campaigns, in a more streamlined, integrated platform, while also incorporating Google’s latest advanced advertising features.

Search Ads 360 is an all-inclusive Google Ads management tool, which enables ad managers to oversee all of their various campaigns and projects within a single interface. The updated UI builds on this, by incorporating both design and functional feedback from existing users to improve the experience.

Google Search Ads 360

Google says that the updated interface enables faster navigation, while also offering better support across multiple advertising channels and search engines, including third-party partners.

“This means advertisers can access more features from other search engines than ever before. For example, the new Search Ads 360 introduces support for a number of new Yahoo! Japan features, like Dynamic Ads For Search and sitelink extension scheduling, as well as over ten additional Microsoft Advertising features including responsive search ads, call extensions, local inventory ads and additional Microsoft audience types like customer match.”

That expanded integration could help ad managers maximize a range of additional elements, with full oversight into a range of cross-platform initiatives and projects.

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Google’s also added more options for centralizing and scaling tasks, including campaign management, automated rules and labels, and more. It’s also updated its automated campaign building features, and launched a new “Performance Center” to help users better plan their media budgets.

Google Ads 360 is a more advanced ads management platform, focused on enterprise users, so it’s not designed for everyday marketers and SMBs. But the new format is impressive, and it could help performance advertisers generate better results through improved management and insight across a wider range of inputs and campaigns.

The new Search Ads 360 experience is rolling out to users ‘over the next couple of months’, while Google also suggests that users undertake the new Skillshop learning path ‘Get Started with Search Ads 360’ to glean more insight into the changes..

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