Mobiquity Technologies to Provide Data and Advertising Solutions for Eco-Friendly GroveToken, LLC in Front of Their Meeting with the Dubai Royal Family


Mobiquity Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation advertising technology, announced, it has been selected by GroveToken LLC as its data and programmatic advertising provider in front of their meeting with the Dubai Royal Family to discuss the future of farming practices through Aeroponics and Hydroponics.

GroveToken is creating awareness for their new eco-friendly digital currency and will be meeting with the Royal Family of Dubai later this week to educate them on the abilities of Grove to produce tokens cleaner and with less electronic wastage than other digital currencies. Grove will be showcasing their GreenKeeper© technology, a secure Green wallet as well as their GreenOasis©, an exclusive GreenToken Exchange. This showcase is being done to raise awareness of how to clean digital currency can be with the right technology employed.

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John Ghemrawi, CEO of Grove Token said, “GroveToken is one of the few Crypto projects that combines virtual currency with physical business investments. Grove is here to make a difference in how the general investors perceive crypto whilst creating wealth with a conscience. Keeping our planet in mind, Grove is focused on creating a long-lasting business for generations to come. Invest in sustainability- invest in our future.”

Sean Trepeta, President of Mobiquity Networks, said “It is exciting to be working with such an innovative company like The Grove Token. They are extremely focused on creating wealth for their community by harnessing opportunities of secure DiFi in environmentally conscious ways. We believe it’s a real positive for the overall industry when a professional and knowledgeable team like Grove Token’s enters the space. We eagerly await what comes of their meeting with the Royal family this week and what the overall future has in store for The Grove and the entire market.”

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