Rule Your Kingdom Pioneers New “Results-Based Digital Marketing” Service Concept

Latest Innovations Position Rule Your Kingdom with an Industry First: Trackable, Measurable Results with Month-to-Month Service and No Contracts

Waco, Texas-based website design and marketing agency to specialize in results-based digital marketing and website structuring for local, national, or international businesses.

At the commencement of 2022, national website design and digital marketing agency Rule Your Kingdom (RYK) has announced the launch of a new concept in internet marketing coined “results-based digital marketing” for clients seeking measurable business growth on a local, national, or worldwide scale. RYK will expand from website design catered to local search engine optimization (SEO) to a combination of SEO-structured web design and results-based digital marketing to cater to businesses targeting local SEO rankings, widespread SEO exposure, or both. RYK digital advertising strategies include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is “Results-Based Digital Marketing”?: Results-Based Digital Marketing starts by identifying a very specific audience to target for a company’s products or services, and then identifies who the exact competitors are on the internet for that audience. It involves re-engineering the company’s entire web presence to replace those competitors as the dominant market player across multiple web properties, tracking and reporting on results every step along the way.

Operating out of their corporate office in Waco, Texas, since 2011, RYK has designed websites and executed digital marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses across Central Texas and beyond. This new expansion in services will deliver the incredible power and success of their approach to results-based digital marketing services for companies across multiple industries and of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

What is Search Engine Optimization?: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of understanding the algorithms of Google and other internet search engines, then integrating algorithm-friendly data into a website’s design to boost its visibility and rank it on the first page of the search results when a user searches for information available on that website. SEO incorporates algorithm-friendly website design elements with extensive research and analysis of popular, relevant search terms (“keywords”). The resulting SEO-structured website is a customized combination of user-valued keywords, outstanding copywriting, and user-pleasing design that ranks highly on Google, is targeted toward the right customers, and produces measurable results for RYK clients.

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From the Founder & CEO: RYK founder and CEO Chuck Siegel had this to say about this shift toward the expansion: “Our goal is to help every client become the market leader for their industry in their area. When 75% of people don’t click past the first page of search results on Google, it’s critical that a business be listed on the first page, in order to grow. SEO structuring combined with results-based digital marketing is the way to make that happen.”

The RYK Team: From across four continents, more than two dozen professionals make up the international team of SEO, web design, copywriting, and marketing experts at RYK. The team boasts a total of more than 400 years of experience in their respective fields, with more than 90 years performing results-based digital marketing with professionals in small and mid-size businesses. With around-the-clock service available, this international group of experts provides immediate, ongoing support to client websites for anywhere in the world.

RYK ensures that each client’s website is thorough, mobile responsive, and secure. RYK has compiled an impressive list of satisfied clients, because their structured approach to results-based digital marketing includes tailoring each website to an individual business’ needs, which allows for targeted success. Every client website is designed and built from the ground up to accommodate the unique nature of every company.

RYK offers professional website design and results-based digital marketing services for clients while offering the benefit of full transparency. RYK promises full exclusivity to all clients, so businesses in the same industry and geographic area do not compete against one another for the top placement in Google search rankings. By limiting themselves to serving only one client per industry specialization in every geographic location, RYK ensures that none of their clients will be detrimentally affected. Additionally, RYK guarantees full confidentiality. Private client and business information will always be protected.

Serving professionals across industries: Professionals across many industries are eligible for website design and results-based digital marketing from RYK, including attorneys and law offices; physicians, surgeons, and other medical practices; small and large construction, home improvement, or property repair services; retail and wholesale businesses; residential and commercial real estate agencies; and much more. Professionals in all geographic locations, running companies of all sizes, can benefit from expert SEO services, website design, and digital marketing.

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