Sigmoid Partners with MobileFuse to Accelerate Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting for Its Clients

 Sigmoid, a leading data engineering and AI solutions firm, announced their ongoing partnership with MobileFuse – one of the largest in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms. This partnership helps MobileFuse cater to high volume data requests from its growing clientbase.

“We have been using Sigmoid’s products since the summer of 2019 and are excited to officially announce our partnership. We approached Sigmoid with our challenge of efficiently ingesting and visualizing a large amount of RTB data. We knew their product Sigview was a great choice for us after their demo, and Sigmoid’s experience with Ad Tech and real-time analytics has made the process very convenient. With Sigmoid’s tools, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on building excellent products, rather than being distracted building extra data pipelines, visualization tools, and APIs,” said Dan Barnett, EVP, Engineering at MobileFuse.

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With Sigview, MobileFuse’s operations teams can rapidly monitor supply, demand, maximize yield, and optimize revenue. MobileFuse users are also able to analyze over four TBs of data with <1 second query response time and make decisions more quickly.

“We have delivered successful data solutions to businesses globally leveraging ML, cloud and open-source technologies. Developing systems on Amazon Web Services and optimizing performance of cloud technologies such as Redshift and Athena, are one of our core strengths. Working with high-tech companies such as MobileFuse has enabled us to enhance our product, and also provided us with opportunities to highlight Sigmoid’s strengths in data engineering. We are happy to partner with MobileFuse and help them tackle complex business challenges, using data,” said Mayur Rustagi, Co-Founder and CTO, Sigmoid.

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