RaaWee K12 Solutions announces Expanded Digital Communications for Chronic Absenteeism & Truancy Interventions

Nationwide research shows that districts are struggling to re-engage students after pandemic learning environment changes. And communications with the students and their guardians are more critical than ever.

RaaWee K12 Solutions has long pioneered digital student attendance interventions, starting prior to the pandemic as a means to minimize printing and postage costs where possible. During the at-home and now the return to in-school learning environments, RaaWee continued to refine these features to best connect the students struggling with engagement, re-engagement, and chronic absenteeism with school staff and services.

These digital communication features maximize proactive outreach, as well as simplify and document reactive interventions to parents with confirmed contact via email and/or text correspondents. For those where email addresses or cell phone numbers are not available or print is required by law, print and mail intervention/notification letters are easier than ever. Because of their importance to District Partner success, most of these features are included for Attendance+ Enterprise partners at minimal or no cost.

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Saleem Qazi, RaaWee K12 CEO notes, “at RaaWee, we are committed to remaining responsive to individual district needs and nimble in changing times. This is our hallmark and has made us the most powerful and affordable chronic absenteeism and truancy solution provider in K12 Education.”

RaaWee K12 Solutions has a core mission to ensure that every student with challenges in attending school is identified immediately and is provided access to the school resources quickly, resulting in successful student outcomes. RaaWee K12 Attendance+ is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive highly affordable collaboration platform to implement attendance improvement strategies

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