6sense and Gong Expand Partnership to Help Companies Accelerate Revenue Generation

6sense and Gong expanded their partnership with a new integration that provides enhanced predictive analytics capabilities to help sales teams accelerate the path to revenue. The integration connects Gong Engage, the AI-powered sales engagement solution, with 6sense Revenue AI for Sales™, providing sellers with easy access to buyer intelligence and contact data needed to generate pipeline close deals.

6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. It helps sellers prioritize in-market accounts and provides comprehensive buyer intelligence and contact data right within the tools they already use daily. The platform leverages AI to offer insights into anonymous buyer activities, helping sales teams focus on the most promising opportunities, boosting productivity and achieving better sales outcomes.

Gong Engage is a full-cycle sales engagement solution for creating, managing, and converting pipeline. Engage provides sellers with a single view of their company’s history with an account, providing complete context, and making personalization easier. To help prioritize where to focus, Engage provides AI-powered recommendations for critical tasks to action based on the context of customer interactions and allows collaboration across the account team and leadership for efficiency.

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The integration embeds 6sense’s data and intent signals with Gong Engage, providing sellers with a centralized workflow and the necessary insights to expedite deal closures. This unified data approach enhances operational efficiency and streamlines processes throughout the entire purchasing cycle. Equipped with 6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ advanced insights, sellers are better positioned to:

  • Explore high-value intent activities from 6sense directly in Gong Engage
  • Identify key contacts and purchase contact information from 6sense
  • Better-personalize sales outreach based on high-value intent signals
  • Devote more time towards prospecting to reduce Average Time to Close

“Enterprise leaders are increasingly focused on three areas to accelerate revenue growth: increasing seller productivity, improving revenue predictability and driving efficient growth,” said Eran Aloni, EVP Product Strategy and Ecosystem, Gong. “Our expanded partnership with 6sense delivers on this by bolstering Gong Engage with powerful predictive analytics capabilities that help sellers generate pipeline and close more deals, faster.”

“The B2B selling environment is increasingly challenging and we need to give sellers the tools they need to reach new heights,” said Latané Conant, Chief Revenue Officer of 6sense. “Arming sales teams with intelligence right within their workflow accelerates their path to efficient revenue generation. Our partners at Gong share our goal to help sellers be more effective and predictable in their pursuit of winning more opportunities.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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