SOCi Enhances Social Compliance Solutions for Multi-Location Brands in Regulatory Industries

SOCi Inc., the marketing platform for multi-location brands, has enhanced its best-in-class Social product with additional social compliance solutions, allowing financial institutions to mitigate risks associated with potential social content violations while maintaining brand consistency. By using SOCi’s social compliance solutions, combined with SOCi Listings and Reviews, corporate marketers and compliance teams can increase local brand visibility, engagements, and customer traffic all while adhering to the regulatory and compliance needs within the industry.

When sharing content to digital marketing channels, it is crucial for marketers in regulatory industries to remain compliant in their messaging to protect their companies from potential risks like steep regulatory fines, suspension, loss of business, or even legal action. SOCi offers the only multi-location marketing platform on the market with one central place to scale compliant, localized marketing across every channel, at every location.

According to a SOCi research report, localized content receives 12 times the engagement rate of more general or non-localized content. This type of content helps to differentiate and highlight local agents and increases online traffic to their pages, not just to corporate pages. Localized content offers a more engaging experience for prospective customers, ultimately driving more revenue and repeat business.

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“Financial and insurance service brands understand the benefits of growing and maintaining a scalable, local social presence to drive business and stay connected with local audiences,” said Alo Sarv, Chief Technology Officer, SOCi. “With SOCi’s social compliance solutions, corporate marketers and compliance teams can feel confident their brand is compliant when audits occur knowing local agents follow keyword-based policies, maintain brand consistency, and retain a record of all archived social posts, effectively protecting the brand from hefty regulatory fines.”

SOCi’s social compliance solutions, coupled with the Social tool, ensure brand and industry regulations are carefully followed, decreasing potential risk with keyword-based policies and allowing corporate and local teams the ability to quickly address post violations in real-time. SOCi’s social compliance solutions save time and eliminate the guesswork for local agents as corporate teams can provide automated content and brand supervision via approved, localized, and on-brand content libraries. Additionally, teams can archive and track all social media activity in one consolidated view.

SOCi’s social compliance solutions, coupled with the Listings tool, offers marketers centralized local profiles and business information across top directories and sites, with the ability to measure the impact of SEO strategies through traffic and conversion improvements. Local level teams are able to pinpoint and address decreases in revenue across locations while analyzing the market and competitors, enabling them to beat out the competition by maximizing unbranded search rankings.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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