SugarCRM Named a Top Vendor in Constellation ShortList for Sales Force Automation for Small and Midsize Business

The Sugar Sell Platform Does the Work to Strengthen Predictability and Build Scalable Customer Engagement Processes that Accelerate Revenue Growth

SugarCRM announced it has been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Sales Force Automation for Small and Midsize Business (SMB) in Q1 2022.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Constellation Research for our leading sales automation solution that addresses the new world of selling”

Sugar Sell is honored for excellence across a range of platform capabilities, from leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for optimized performance to offering strong integration to technologies that help enhance sales productivity, including marketing automation and customer service, as well as support for delivery of high-definition customer experiences.

Sugar Sell makes the hard things easier for sales professionals by automating core sales force automation competencies and providing AI-powered predictability across all processes and devices to maximize opportunities. Powered by SugarPredict, Sugar Sell helps accelerate deal velocity and improve productivity with AI-driven lead conversion, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and opportunity-close predictions.

With an AI-enabled platform, sales teams can overcome the limitations of poor-quality internal CRM data by analyzing both internal and external data covering millions of companies and contacts to accurately predict leads and opportunities most likely to convert. By surfacing actionable insights, sales professionals can focus on the highest priority sales activities.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Constellation Research for our leading sales automation solution that addresses the new world of selling,” says Christian Wettre, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sugar Platform, SugarCRM. “Sugar is committed to strengthening predictability across all processes by providing AI-powered insights that help sales professionals focus on opportunities with the highest probability of conversion and the closest fit to ideal targets. Through predictive analytics and AI, Sugar enables sales teams to let the platform do the work and focus on what matters most – building meaningful relationships with customers.”

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Sugar’s 2021 CRM and Sales Impact Report revealed the blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks that lead to sales friction and contribute to customer churn. The lack of visibility into customer data has pushed many companies to the edge of a customer relationship crisis. Still, those who have closed the data gaps and improved the accuracy and completeness of their data stand to improve retention, increase revenue, and gain more predictable business outcomes.

With SugarPredict, Sugar is addressing the urgent need for a complete picture of each customer based not only on companies’ inside data – which may be incomplete for many reasons – but also surfacing other competitive insights previously unknown to organizations.

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