Unveiling a Powerhouse Alliance: Hatfield Media Joins BigCommerce Agency Partner Program

Louisville-based Hatfield Media, a full-service creative digital marketing agency, announced an exciting new endeavor: a cutting-edge new partnership with BigCommerce. Leveraging the value of robust collaborative resources, Hatfield Media is set to be a strong member of the BigCommerce Agency Partner Program. Through revolutionary innovation and scalability powered by BigCommerce, Hatfield Media will bring to clients the added benefits of utilizing the industry’s leading open SaaS commerce platform — catering to fast-growing and established brands alike.

“Partnering with BigCommerce allows us to marry our bleeding-edge content management and marketing technology to BigCommerce’s world-class ecommerce engine,” explains Ray Tri, Director of Business Development at Hatfield Media. “Trying to build an ecommerce engine from scratch would be like trying to compete with Porsche to build a better motor, and all you’ve got to start with is a bar of steel. Instead, we decided to partner with BigCommerce to not only keep build costs reasonable (which we can then pass those savings on to our clients), but because of their commitment to continued innovation, their support and maintenance teams, and the truly fantastic service they have built.”

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“We built our CMS with flexibility in mind. Our clients range from small mom and pops to massive and established corporations, so we need to be able to appeal to a broad range of clients — an ethos we share with BigCommerce,” adds Tri, who believes that this alliance opens phenomenal capabilities. With the full steam of optimized flexibility, as a member of the BigCommerce Partner Program, Tri shares that Hatfield Media is now able to “apply this model for any modern company who has digitized business systems.”

“At BigCommerce, our core focus is providing our merchants access to all the tools and services they need to build, innovate on, and grow — and that includes introducing them to industry-leading agencies like Hatfield Media,” said Daniel Fertig, Global Director of Agency Partnerships at BigCommerce. “I’m excited to welcome such a talented and well-respected agency into the BigCommerce partner program, and look forward to working with them to bring additional value to BigCommerce merchants seeking a top-notch website experience.”

Tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants look to the platform’s booming agency partner ecosystem in creating differentiated shopping experiences to fuel their growth. As such, BigCommerce Agency Partners are carefully selected on the basis of offering best-in-class technologies, exceptional value and superior customer service.


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