Data Axle Releases Next Generation of AI-Driven Data, Intelligence, and Omnichannel Marketing Solutions

Data Axle, a leading provider of data, data-driven marketing, and real-time intelligence solutions, announced it is accelerating Generative AI (GenAI) activation for clients with its industry-leading, AI-ready data, multi-touch attribution, advanced predictive modeling, and natural language processing capabilities. Quality, accurate, comprehensive data is the foundation for effective AI use and implementation. Data Axle’s proprietary business and consumer data includes over 90 million businesses and 300 million consumers, with over 700 attributes, giving marketers a 360-degree view of the whole person or company. In addition to custom GenAI applications, Data Axle is partnering with Amazon Web Services, Intelafy, and MoveFlux, utilizing their innovative technologies to further amplify omnichannel attribution.

“Many marketers are interested in introducing AI into their work processes, but they lack the data, tools, budget, and guidance to do so confidently with a proper plan in place,” said Andrew Frawley, Data Axle’s chief executive officer. “We are bringing AI to our clients so they can test, evaluate, and use AI strategically in a safe environment while ensuring their intellectual property is protected and the integrity of the brand is maintained.”

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For the customer-obsessed client, leveraging GenAI is invaluable to help further define the connections between business and consumer profiles and offer a view of the whole person, taking into account both their personal and business interests and buying behaviours. The result is a robust suite of offerings catered to strengthening those linkages, automating processes, scaling up content, and improving audience segmentation.

Data Axle’s GenAI Suite:

  • AI-Powered Data Enhancement and Hygiene: Industry-leading data provides up-to-date comprehensive coverage, improving modeling accuracy for clients. With its proprietary business and consumer data, Data Axle is identifying new connections and patterns previously unavailable and expanding standard attributes to boost campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Models (LLMs, ELMs, Diffusion): Large language models (LLMs) and experience language models (ELMs) will increase brand safety and privacy while protecting intellectual property ownership. Diffusion models are also utilized to generate data that mirrors the data on which they are trained to create larger, more robust data sets.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting: Over 2,000 AI-generated audiences are available for digital and offline use. AI interprets thousands of bits of data discerning behavioral, attitudinal, and purchase patterns, focusing on purchase motivation and intent. Clients can apply them in auto, banking (Fair Credit Act compliant), electronics, finance, health, home insurance, media, political, retail, and travel categories.
  • Creative: Leveraging human talent and AI personalized content, imagery, and video are created at scale and on brand. With custom models, the company is laser-focused on audience segmentation and performance that is trained using brand documentation, performance data, and audience data. This approach ensures a consistent brand voice and cohesive messaging across all channels, allowing Data Axle to create assets that work together seamlessly.
  • Attribution vs. Testing: Using multi-touch fractional attribution to track audience interactions, marketers gain insights into which channels or campaigns are driving conversions. Testing uses scalable variants that offer insights into what is and isn’t working to further guide and refine content for each brand.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Data Axle helps clients navigate the protection of proprietary or confidential information and intellectual property that can be lost with the unregulated use of GenAI.

Partnering with MoveFlux, a top-notch startup that adds incremental dollars for customers with its futuristic AI platform, Data Axle will continue expanding its application suite. “Generative AI is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can have. Data lifts it to a new echelon, building previously impossible connections. This empowers clients to experiment with new creatives, test them in novel and useful ways, and improve the delivery of customer content that resonates,” said Abir Bhattacharyya, Chairman and Co-Founder of MoveFlux. “With marketers driving and AI bolstering their craft, creatives are better, faster, and more capital efficient.”

Moreover, understanding the audience on a granular level is just as crucial. “Audience segmentation isn’t what it once was. There are nuances that have, historically, been difficult to identify,” said Craig Tomarkin, Co-Founder of Intelafy. “We now have the data and technology to break the barriers that used to exist, and can now make more intelligent decisions based on a more holistic look at who our audiences are and what they want.”

Data Axle’s deep expertise in AI, combined with recent advancements, enables marketers to work more efficiently while maintaining the essential human touch. For over 50 years, Data Axle has relied on its dedicated team to ensure data quality and drive innovation, setting a new standard in marketing intelligence. As industry leaders, they are propelling the industry forward, delivering modern solutions that maximize clients’ ROI and drive substantial business growth.

SOURCE: Data Axle

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