Mediaocean reintroduces Flashtalking to support the creative power of advertising

Mediaocean, the leading platform for omnichannel advertising, announces the reintroduction of Flashtalking as the best independent tech stack for marketers looking to leverage their creative relevance and processes across all digital marketing channels. With reworked branding and a new website that offers a glimpse into the future of advertising, Flashtalking provides the world’s best-known brands with innovative solutions to harness the power of creativity for more efficient media campaigns. In the latest G2 Fall 2023 report, based on verified customer reviews , Flashtalking was identified as a market leader increative management platforms and cross-channel advertising .

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of the updated Flashtalking concept, which will further expand our leadership position in the creative advertising technologies category. The new release complements the current state of affairs in the sector: creative personalization is the driving force behind the successes of omnichannel marketers,” says Ben Kartzman, COO of Mediaocean and Flashtalking. “The results generated by our platform drive our team to continuously innovate. Our AI-driven tech stack is shaping a bright future for both our company and our customers.”

The announcement also coincides with the Q3 publication of the research report “Breaking through the Digital Ad Ceiling with Creative Personalization”. The report’s findings indicate that there is an increasing focus on creative ad technology for automation, relevance and intelligence, which will deliver breakthrough campaigns at scale. 97% of marketers say personalized ads help drive higher conversions and customer engagement, while 79% say creative optimization is part of their media content budgets.

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A cross-sectional study highlights the sentiment behind the evolution of programmatic media, as incremental growth becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and advertisers look for new options to drive business growth. Among campaign key points including targeting and bid management, creative optimization emerged as the variable that will have the greatest impact for omnichannel marketers. No less than 96% of respondents indicated that creativity will play an increasingly important role in advertising campaigns over the next 10 years.

The research also provided insight into the most important challenges and opportunities in the field of creative personalization:

  • Inadequate insights and intelligent tools: 91% of respondents see huge gaps in the quality of creative intelligence.
  • Standalone teams: 90% believe that standalone teams negatively impact both efficiency and time to market.
  • Disjointed technologies: 73% believe brand messages are becoming increasingly disconnected from how consumers experience them in reality.

The research was conducted with TechValidate to gather insights from 100 industry leaders in brands, advertising agencies, media and tech companies across ten vertical market segments, including automotive, consumer goods, D2C marketing, entertainment, financial services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, retail, the IT sector, telecommunications providers and travel organizations.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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