Truepic Joins Partnership on AI’s Framework for Collective Action on Synthetic Media

Truepic, provider of authenticity infrastructure for the internet, announced that it has joined Partnership on AI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media: A Framework for Collective Action. Using the Framework, Truepic and other tech industry leaders like Adobe, Meta, Microsoft, and Google commit to responsibly developing, creating, sharing, and identifying synthetic media.

Since its inception in 2016, Truepic has built technologies that power transparency, disclosure, and authenticity in visual content. Most recently, Truepic worked with researchers from MIT Media Lab to add secure, cryptographic content credentials to over 30 AI-generated videos as part of on-going research on political deepfakes. Truepic also partnered with the acclaimed production studio,, and Generative AI thought leader Nina Schick, to create the world’s first transparent deepfake video using cryptographic signing to display the provenance of the video. As a founding member of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), Truepic is committed to developing and implementing technical standards that certify the source and provenance of digital media.

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Similarly, the Partnership on AI (PAI)’s Responsible Practices Framework for Synthetic Media is based on the core principles of transparency, disclosure and consent. The first-of-its-kind Framework offers recommendations for builders of technology infrastructure, creators, distributors, and publishers who contribute to the societal impacts of synthetic media. PAI outlines crucial techniques for ethically developing and sharing synthetic media, including the C2PA open standard, and its guidelines will continue evolving alongside ever-changing technology. PAI is a non-profit partnership of academic, civil society, industry, and media organizations creating solutions so that AI advances positive outcomes for people and society, and led the iterative multistakeholder process to develop the Framework.

Truepic joins the Framework as a launch partner alongside Thorn, Meedan, and Code for Africa. Truepic will continue to pioneer projects to provide interoperable, secure, tamper-evident transparency and disclosure for synthetic media and AI-generated content in the moment of creation.

“We have long believed that secure media provenance is the best way to ensure transparency online and elevate authenticity in digital content,” said Jeff McGregor, Truepic CEO. “Joining the Partnership on AI’s Framework is a natural progression of our work on authenticity and disclosure in digital media. We believe the Framework will continue to guide best practices and policies for the ethical, transparent use of generative AI. Our mission continues to be a more authentic, transparent internet, and we’re excited to support the Framework with this mission in mind.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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