Trailblazing Digital Audio Advertising Company Audire Selects Veritonic for Attribution

Veritonic, the industry’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform, announced that Audire, the digital audio advertising company launched by former global audio advertising veterans Carlos Cordoba and Gonzalo Borras, has selected its audio Attribution solution to enable the company to accurately track and measure audio and podcast ad performance across its omnichannel programming.

With a reach of more than 150 million listeners globally, the company will use Veritonic’s attribution solution to enable its advertising partners to understand the impact and prove the value and ROI of their advertising across Audire’s extensive network. Advertisers will be able to see all of the actions that listeners took on their site across all devices after hearing their ad, including add to cart, purchase, leads, and more.

“We are dedicated to providing brands with an unrivaled advertising presence across digital audio platforms in Latin America, the Hispanic markets of the United States, and Europe, and measurement is pivotal to this endeavor,” said Gonzalo Borras, Managing Director Latin America at Audire. “Veritonic’s unparalleled capability to track and measure omni-channel audio campaigns through a simple tag is unparalleled. We eagerly anticipate empowering our brand and advertising partners with actionable insights, enabling them to grasp the effectiveness of their ads and refine their creative, targeting, and media strategies to drive ever-growing results.”

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“Audio continues to grow as an effective marketing vehicle in Spain, and we a proud to partner with Veritonic to further that growth,” said Carlos Cordoba, Managing Director Spain at Audire. “Veritonic’s unrivaled attribution solution will provide brands with the information they need to understand the efficacy of their audio campaigns, and strengthen their overall audio strategies moving forward to reach their target audiences and increase their ROI.”

“At Veritonic, we recognize the importance of data in shaping informed marketing, brand, and advertising decisions,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO of Veritonic. “We are pleased to support Audire in providing their advertising partners with the comprehensive measurement data that will enable them to understand the performance of their audio and the impact it has on their KPIs and overall business objectives.”

World-renowned brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms rely on Veritonic’s comprehensive audio research and analytics platform to research, test, and measure the ROI of their audio assets and campaigns pre-market, in-market, and post-campaign. The resulting insight enables clients to gain confidence in their audio investment, mitigate risk through optimization, and increase their return as they engage consumers with compelling audio experiences.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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