DTEN D7X Dual Delivers True Face-To-Face Collaboration With Eye-level Camera System, Advanced Acoustics, And Powerful AI Functionality

The new DTEN D7X Dual 75-inch collaboration all-in-one solution, an industry leading provider of video-first, touch-enabled conferencing hardware. DTEN D7X Dual, a Windows-based solution, enables even more dynamic collaborations across the hybrid workplace, with two spacious interactive displays, state-of-the art audiovisuals, built-in AI-enhancements, and collaborative touchscreens for whiteboarding.

“DTEN D7X Dual takes the video meeting to a new level by replicating same-room experiences,” says Nia Celestin, the company’s Head of Marketing. “You’re meeting eye-to-eye, the acoustics are impeccably crisp, and the shared whiteboard enables everyone to collaborate simultaneously.”

DTEN D7X Dual has two interactive displays, advanced audiovisuals, built-in AI, and touchscreens for whiteboarding.

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With two 75-inch ultra-HD 4K screens, DTEN D7X Dual provides an extra-large canvas for collaboration. One of the device’s unique features is camera placement: the super-wide 120° 4K camera is centrally located between the two displays, ensuring in-room meeting participants are captured at eye-level. In addition, the DTEN D7X Dual includes the DTEN Vue Pro*, an additional patented 4x4K camera system which is engineered to enhance Zoom’s meeting equity and hybrid workspace features.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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