MarTech360’S Weekly News Roundup With TrustRadius, IZEA, Innovid, TechTarget, Digimarc And More!

Here is MarTech360’s weekly roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

Top 10 News from this Week

Starlite Media Selects Vistar Media’s Ad Server & CMS to Power National DOOH Retail Media…

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of technology solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, announced that Starlite Media, a premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) and retail media network, has selected Vistar’s software to power their network end-to-end. The expanded partnership unleashes the full potential of Starlite’s inventory, which will now be seamlessly managed and operated using Vistar’s suite of enterprise software, including Vistar’s ad server, content management system (CMS), and supply-side platform (SSP).

ZoomInfo and TrustRadius Partner To End Revenue Anxiety

TrustRadius and ZoomInfo announce their new integration that sales and marketing teams have long awaited—a powerful collaboration that combines ZoomInfo’s contact-level intelligence with TrustRadius downstream intent data. This integration, facilitated through the ZoomInfo Sales platform, promises to transform how businesses identify, target, and engage with in-market buyers.

The partnership between TrustRadius and ZoomInfo marks a significant milestone in the industry, enabling organizations to kiss revenue anxiety goodbye.

TelevisaUnivision and Transmit Partner on New Feature to Enhance Social Video Ad Creative and…

Transmit empowers media companies to create new high impact and unique advertising experiences. TelevisaUnivision and Transmit co-developed the new innovative ad format, streamlining the ability to showcase vertical video social media assets concurrently with live sporting events and tentpole entertainment on OTT channels. This platform will enhance TelevisaUnivision’s music, sports, and entertainment content, seamlessly integrating creator-led social moments with premium digital video streams. By leveraging the abundance of in-house, custom-built creator content, TelevisaUnivision can now effortlessly extend its social media prowess into the realm of digital video, captivating audiences amidst a crowded digital landscape.

IZEA Unveils Quadra Generative Image Model in FormAI

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the premier provider of technology, data, and services for the Creator Economy, announced the launch of Quadra, the newest generative image model available in FormAI, its suite of artificial intelligence tools built specifically for influencer marketing. FormAI makes use of a variety of different AI technologies including Stable Diffusion and OpenAI generative models. The company provides users with free access to a wide array of AI capabilities, allowing power users to upgrade for access to additional features and content volume.

Digital Turbine to Deliver Green Mobile Advertising Solutions Powered by Scope3

Digital Turbine, Inc, the mobile ad platform that powers smarter advertising, announced it is partnering with Scope3, the market leader in the mission to systemically decarbonize media and advertising, to create new Digital Turbine Green Mobile Advertising Solutions powered by Scope3 data. Working with Scope3, Digital Turbine will further its commitment to efficient, green mobile advertising as part of the greater move to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with Goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovid Launches Harmony Initiative to Keep TV Open for Everyone & Controlled by No One

Innovid, an independent software platform for the creation, delivery, measurement, and optimization of advertising across connected TV (CTV), linear, and digital, announced the launch of its Harmony initiative, aimed to optimize the CTV advertising ecosystem. Harmony Direct, the first in a wave of new product innovations released as part of the initiative, is designed to streamline the supply path to its purest form, ensuring more advertiser dollars go toward working media, increasing revenue opportunities for publishers, and creating a more sustainable, transparent path. CTV is at a critical inflection point. As TV rapidly transitions to a fully digital future, there is a clear opportunity to avoid the mistakes of digital advertising’s past.

TechTarget Announces Launch of Priority Engine Account Intent Feeds to Help Go-to-Market Teams…

TechTarget, Inc, the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services announced the launch of Account Intent Feeds in the latest release of its leading Priority Engine purchase intent insight platform. Priority Engine’s Account Intent Feeds are powered by TechTarget’s market-leading purchase intent data, which is directly sourced from real, observed activity of known, opt-in accounts and buyers coming to TechTarget’s expansive global network for contextually relevant buy-cycle content to support active B2B technology purchases.

Stagwell (STGW) Marketing Cloud Announces a New Data Clean Room for Clients through Google Cloud

Stagwell Marketing Cloud today announced it is developing a new data clean room (DCR) solution built on Google Cloud to facilitate a secure and private space for clients and agencies to upload and match their first-party data with proprietary data from Stagwell sources.

Through the DCR, clients can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and marketing efficacy, while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Clients will be able to match their first party data with Stagwell’s Consumer Understanding and Engagement platform (CUE), Harris Poll Syndicated Research Data and National Research Group data, as well as additional Stagwell and third-party sources, and then activate those audiences directly across preferred ad tech platforms in an easy and cost-efficient manner.

Digimarc and DataTrails Partner to Solve the Industry’s Biggest Content Protection Challenge with…

Digimarc Corporation, the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies, and DataTrails Inc, an innovator in integrity, transparency, and trust technology, announced a partnership to deliver the industry’s first fully integrated content protection solution to fortify digital content using advanced digital watermarks in tandem with cryptographic proofs, or fingerprints. Combined with provenance metadata, these industry-leading technologies create a powerful, multi-layered toolset to provide proof of digital content authenticity — protecting content creators, businesses, and consumers from the threat of fake data and misinformation.

Adobe Introduces Next Generation of To Accelerate Content Workflow and Collaboration for…

Adobe introduced the all-new V4, a flexible, fast and intuitive creative collaboration platform that streamlines and simplifies workflows across content creation and production. As teams and organizations race to meet the accelerating demand for video content, creatives and stakeholders at all stages of development are slowed down by disconnected tools and systems. V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content at scale by centralizing feedback, helping to reduce rounds of revisions and accelerating the delivery of media assets. The next generation of, announced ahead of the 2024 NAB Show, will begin to roll out today in beta for Free and Pro customers, and is planned to launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers.

Article of the Week

What is Martech? A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Technology


Martech, aka marketing technology, is capturing massive attention. This buzzword hit 2,08,00,000 results on Google. The global marketing technology market reached a valuation of $670 billion in 2023. This encouraged marketers to spend a substantial amount of their budgets on marketing technology. This article sheds light on what is martech, why it is important and more.

What is Martech?

MarTech acts as a toolkit for marketers to enhance their marketing endeavors and achieve their objectives effectively. By utilizing technology, marketers can efficiently strategize, execute, and evaluate campaigns and diverse marketing tactics. Simply put, it simplifies the tasks of marketers. These tools play a pivotal role in optimizing marketing processes within a multi-touchpoint omnichannel environment.

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