ProTexting adds Additional Users for All Text Message Marketing Accounts

ProTexting, which offers comprehensive text message marketing services for businesses, has released a new feature, easy option to add “Additional Users”. This is a great new feature that allows clients to add additional or sub-users to their accounts.

ProTexting CTO Petar Kassov explains the benefits and purpose of this app: “It’s convenient for many of our clients to allow multiple users to manage accounts. The additional user messaging accounts will make it easy to do this. Many businesses have employees, who may be working from different stores, offices or homes. To collaborate a text message campaigns, it’s helpful to be able to quickly add users whenever you need to.”

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How the Additional Users App Works

Kassov describes how the app works. “You start with one master user, just by creating an account at ProTexting. Then, the master user easily creates additional accounts. It takes less than a minute to setup new users. When an account is created, we send a link to the new user to create a password and instantly access the account. The process is secure, using encrypted and secured passwords and captcha for logins.”

The “Additional User” form contains several fields, including the user’s name, email, SMS sender number and credits limit, as an option. Every additional user is given a TFN (toll free number) or SMS activated number from the master account or automatically assigned by the system. The number is transferred from the master account to the new user. If the user is ever removed, the number is returned to the master account. In this manner, new users can be added and removed easily as needed. Each user must have a separate texting number (toll-free number, short code, 10DLC or long code). These numbers cannot be shared by users. Credits and keywords are shared. Credits can be limited for each account.

“Additional users” have access to all the master account’s text messaging apps. However, they can’t purchase or activate any new apps on their own. These actions need to be made by whoever is in charge of the master account and all features and apps are shared among the additional users. Our plans include access to a wide range of apps, which clients can use together, such as texting polls, contests, SMS autoresponders, text message virtual business cards, SMS sweepstakes, and many more.

With “Additional Users”, there’s no need to create a new billing account for each team member. When someone is added, they are using the master account’s plan and billing. A business can add as many additional users as they want on a single master account.

ProTexting added the “Additional Users” feature to meet the needs of businesses that have increasingly flexible and diverse staffing policies. They may have employees who work remotely or in different locations. This just makes it easier for them to work together under a single plan.


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