Social Native Acquires Creator Assets From, Further Expanding Its Investment in the Creator Economy

Social Native, a global marketplace providing scalable content solutions for businesses, announced the acquisition of creator assets from, a company that runs a professional network designed for influencers. The move will accelerate the expansion of Social Native’s creator marketplace.

“We are committed to empowering human creativity across the globe. This acquisition further strengthens our stronghold on activating large volumes of diverse creators.” says David Shadpour, Founder and CEO of Social Native. “As more and more brands embrace the creator economy, our investment in data and machine learning ensures brands are able to scale diverse content required to stay relevant in 2022 and beyond.”

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With an estimated market size of $104B, the creator economy is fueled by a new generation of consumers who are influenced by content shared by their peers in the digital landscape. Retailers who have embraced social commerce as a strategy to extend revenue and reach are seeking new cost-efficient channels to generate authentic content at scale – not possible with marketing agencies or in-house production teams.

“We are proud to serve brands and creators alike in our mission to empower the creator economy. Creator content is naturally diverse, relatable, cost-effective and scalable” David says. “The creator economy is the natural path to sourcing high volumes of branded content.”

Social Native has seen consistent growth since its inception in 2015. The rise of the creator economy and its growing global client base led the company in 2020 to acquire Olapic, a UGC enterprise solution highly sought after by e-commerce retailers. Since then, the company has made significant investments in talent acquisition including key executive hires and has more than doubled the size of its product and engineering employees.

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