Billups Buys SaaS Platform Ads on Top to Accelerate Technology Ambitions in Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketplace

Billups, the largest privately held out-of-home technology and managed services company in the U.S., announced it has acquired Ads on Top, the only API-first ad server and supply-side platform (SSP) built specifically to handle loops and programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH).

Ads on Top’s flagship product, Switchboard, is a premier DOOH ad server, SSP and campaign management platform. Switchboard works with nearly any media player and content management system (CMS) and can be embedded into existing operations through robust APIs.

Founded in 2016, Ads on Top originally serviced car top advertising in New YorkLos Angeles and Philadelphia. This work culminated in the creation of the ultimate DOOH management platform to optimize traditional, loop-based scheduling plans alongside rules-based programmatic ordering on both moving and stationary screens. Since then, the startup has delivered billions of ads to tens of thousands of screens across the U.S. and Canada.

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“We’re beyond thrilled to become a part of the Billups team, where we can accelerate the development and distribution of best-in-class technology to the entire digital out-of-home industry,” said David Pal, CEO and Co-founder of Ads on Top.

“By integrating Billups’ extensive managed services and data attribution worlds with our expertise in programmatic and digital technologies, we can provide a unique perspective and product offering to advertisers, agencies and media owners,” said Rishabh Jain, Co-founder of Ads on Top.

“Our acquisition of Ads on Top marks a huge Billups milestone in delivering the most amazing products and services for our clients,” said Benjamin Billups, Co-founder of Billups. “The programmatic digital out-of-home marketplace is experiencing extraordinary growth. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to unify our patented technologies, data sciences and platform experiences to automate and measure out-of-home in ways never done before.”

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