Uptime.com Announces Self-Serve Subscriptions for Website Monitoring Service and Tools

The top-rated uptime monitoring solution’s à la carte subscriptions and no credit card required free trial helps businesses of all sizes check website speed, performance, and downtime

Uptime.com — which provides website monitoring peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft and BNP Paribas — announced the replacement of its fixed subscriptions plans with a flexible, self-serve model for web uptime monitoring.

Uptime.com’s new pricing model allows users to customize their web monitoring usage and add new features à la carte directly from the company’s monitoring platform without having to upgrade plans or contact sales. This à la carte approach to performance monitoring has been advocated for by Uptime.com’s Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), IT, and DevOps users who value the flexibility and ease of use of not being forced into the unnecessary plan upgrades or sales conversations commonly associated with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription experience.

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“As customers utilize more web monitoring services, the need to quickly add features without having to upgrade subscription plans or engage sales has never been more apparent,” said Mike Welsh, chief executive officer at Uptime.com. “Traditional SaaS models are great for margins but can damage the customer experience, which is why we’re proud to offer à la carte uptime monitoring subscriptions that put the best interests of users first.”

Uptime.com’s flexible web monitoring subscriptions can be found here. Both new and existing users can add a variety of self-serve monitoring features such as HTTP(S) checks, synthetic transaction checks, additional SMS or phone call credits for incident alerts, scheduled SLA reports, website status pages.

Uptime.com provides peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft and BNP Paribas, who trust us to monitor website downtime, performance, speed, and domain health.

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