IC Manage Launches Holodeck on AWS Marketplace for Instant Cloud Bursting

IC Manage, Inc. announced the availability of its Holodeck HPC product on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. IC Manage Holodeck provides instant cloud bursting for applications with large data sets while reducing cloud storage costs and enabling HPC applications to execute without I/O bottlenecks. As part of the AWS Marketplace, this advanced technology is now available to any team with an Amazon AWS account.

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“This opens up a new opportunity for EDA and other HPC users to easily deploy Holodeck to benefit from the cloud without a huge upfront investment or modifying existing workflows,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO of IC Manage. “It works with standard AWS EC2 instances that are optimized for HPC applications and is also compatible with the dynamic, hybrid HPC cloud capabilities of IBM Spectrum LSF to provide a complete solution.”

IC Manage Holodeck enables users to leverage cloud resources faster and at lower cost:

Jobs start in minutes without having to pre-copy any design data, EDA tools and foundry kit to the cloud. Holodeck virtually projects all needed data in seconds, allowing jobs to start instantly.

Reduces duplicate storage costs by 90% or more by only moving the specific data needed by actual jobs to AWS and shutting down services to minimize ongoing storage and compute costs.

Faster job execution times by using advanced AWS HPC optimized instances with local NVMe storage to eliminate storage I/O bottlenecks.

Enhance resource flexibility by autoscaling the compute instances on AWS with the IBM Spectrum LSF resource connector functionality

IC Manage provides hybrid cloud and high performance design management solutions for companies to efficiently collaborate on design and verification across their global enterprises, while maximizing their IP reuse. IC Manage customers include AMD, Infineon, Microchip, Northrop Grumman, NVIDIA, Samsung, Xilinx and other top semiconductor and systems companies.

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