Dovetail Launches Channels, Redefining How Product Teams Leverage Customer Insights

Dovetail, the leading customer insights hub, launched Channels, a new solution for continuous product discovery that takes large volumes of customer feedback and uncovers patterns in real time.

Dovetail’s latest offering, Channels, is a new way for product teams to transform large amounts of user feedback into powerful insights. It uses large language model (LLM) and machine learning (ML) techniques to process vast amounts of high-volume, continuous user feedback, and data sets such as support tickets, app reviews, and Net Promoter Score/Customer Satisfaction Score (NPS/CSAT) responses. Users can monitor themes in their customer feedback as Channels continuously analyzes incoming data and classifies it. This enables teams to identify patterns before they escalate into problems, aiding in effective product development prioritization. Additionally, it ensures users remain aligned with customer needs, reinforcing their internal reputation as experts.

Benjamin Humphrey, CEO and co-founder of Dovetail, explains, “We are thrilled to announce Channels, which marks a significant leap forward in our mission to empower companies with better customer understanding to make more informed product decisions. This launch is a testament to our dedication to embracing customer-centric values at Dovetail. Channels not only address but fulfill a crucial requirement within product teams, which fits with our approach to exceeding customer needs.”

Channels is being released at the same time as Dovetail’s new ‘magic’ features, designed to automatically convert customer data into actionable insights, leading to more informed product decisions. These innovative solutions mark the beginning of a data-driven era for product teams, reducing the likelihood of product failures and recalls and fostering creative solutions to meet customer requirements.

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The new magic features can be used across different teams and include the following:

  • Magic transcribe automatically transcribes video and audio. Recent improvements include enhanced word accuracy, speaker detection, and support for 41 languages.
  • Magic summarize automatically breaks down video, audio, text, and documents, extracting topics and key points
  • Magic highlight suggests key moments in video and audio transcripts. Users can also accept suggestions and add custom prompts to tailor the results.
  • Magic search uses semantic search to provide deeper insights across all video, audio, text, and documents in the insights hub. It automatically summarizes search results, enabling users to ask questions of their insights hub and get quick answers.
  • Magic redact ensures content across multiple formats is devoid of private information.
  • Dynamic home offers users a personalized experience by suggesting insights and projects tailored to their specific roles within the organization.
  • Magic reels automatically shortens video, showcasing key moments. This visual approach enables the data to tell its story succinctly, enabling playback of a trimmed video.

“As engineering and technical excellence becomes more standardized and accessible, attention shifts away from ‘building’ towards gaining an edge against competition. This is where AI emerges as a huge differentiator in helping to extract value from the vast volume of customer data companies deal with. We are leading the market by leveraging AI in a meaningful way as Dovetail’s magic features seamlessly highlight important moments across a range of data”, Humphrey added.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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