Quadient Enriches Customer Communication Cloud Solution with Acquisition of Intelligent Form Technology

Quadient, a leader in helping businesses create meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels, announces the introduction of Quadient Inspire iForms, a new intelligent forms capability added to its Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution Quadient Inspire, following the acquisition of Daylight Automation1.

Daylight Automation, formerly FormHero, is a cloud-based low-code platform that allows organizations to rapidly build and deploy personalized digital solutions. Their customer base spans across key customer-centric industries such as banking and insurance, including three major financial institutions in Canada. Both companies had been collaborating closely since their partnership announced in 2022. The addition of this new intelligent form capacity to Quadient Inspire will bring enhanced benefits to companies looking for cloud-based solutions that help create engaging customer experiences at scale.

“Gathering data and streamlining customer interactions must go beyond simple web forms” says Marci Maddox, Research Vice President Digital Experience Strategies at IDC. “There is now an even greater need to handle data privacy, personalization, and intelligent communications through more robust interactive capabilities. Quadient’s acquisition of Daylight Automation will set them on a path to delivering intelligent forms and trusted communications needed for digital business.”

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By increasingly adopting electronic forms to align with green initiatives and cost-saving goals, companies benefit from streamlined processes, reduced physical storage requirements, and simplified workflows.

“The addition of Inspire iForms to our powerful and award-winning CCM solution will give us an additional competitive edge and further help our customers create exceptional customer experiences,” said Geoffrey Godet, CEO at Quadient. “Our existing partnership with Daylight has provided excellent proof that our combined capabilities help drive sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty at scale within large enterprises. As Daylight officially becomes part of Quadient, we are now looking forward to deepening our collaboration and leveraging this technology across all of our solutions.”

The new Quadient Inspire iForms capability is available through Quadient’s usual sales channels, to the benefit of organizations of all sizes that Quadient serves daily with its comprehensive cloud-based Intelligent Communication Automation platform.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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