Harmonic Brings Innovative Playout Capabilities to its Market-Leading XOS Advanced Media Processor

Harmonic announced that its industry-leading XOS Advanced Media Processor now offers a complete playout-to-delivery feature set, simplifying video streaming, distribution and broadcast workflows. The expanded XOS solution lowers costs and reduces energy consumption while streamlining operations for headend and edge applications by combining broadcast-grade playout and extensive media processing features on a single software-based appliance.

“No other media processing solution on the market brings together such a comprehensive set of capabilities, including premium encoding, statmux and packaging, as well as innovative edge distribution enabled through an extensive set of RF front-ends and output interfaces,” said Gil Rudge, senior vice president, video products and solutions at Harmonic. “And now, by expanding our XOS solution feature set with advanced playout and branding, we’re enabling on-premises customers to unlock new levels of efficiency. These new capabilities for the XOS processor, derived from our industry-leading software foundation powering our cloud and appliance solutions, reinforce Harmonic’s mission to lower costs and improve profitability for video streaming and broadcast customers.”

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The new playout capabilities on the XOS processor are available through software licenses. Featuring built-in storage options, the XOS processor enables a vast range of applications, including channel origination, advanced branding using HTML-5 graphics and effects, and edge content regionalization, while reducing customers’ product footprint. Built-in automation and scheduling on XOS considerably simplify the day-to-day operation of playout-enabled workflows.

The XOS Advanced Media Processor powers more than 200,000 premium-quality live broadcast and streaming channels worldwide.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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