Prime Focus Technologies collaborates with Microsoft to unlock new revenue streams from Active Archives

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), a pioneer in AI-powered technology solutions for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Microsoft. This marks a pivotal moment, utilizing cutting-edge AI-enabled Media Asset Management (MAM) technology & consulting services to harness the untapped potential of Active Archives and create innovative revenue streams.

Active Archive is an innovative approach to managing extensive archives of multimedia content, such as videos, audio files, images, and related documents. Active Archive systems are designed to manage data between different storage tiers automatically. By integrating metadata with rich media content, Active Archive scenarios help to organize, categorize, and surface relevant content, meeting the varying demands of media customers. Utilizing technologies like AI and machine learning, Active Archive Scenarios optimize internal processes, creates new revenue opportunities, and enables organizations to make better decisions based on the insights derived from the archived content.

The benefits of Active Archive systems resonate far beyond the boundaries of simple data management, impacting various facets of an organization’s operations and external engagements.

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Content Monetization: By significantly improving archive accessibility and searchability through AI-enabled MAM, organizations can seamlessly identify, curate, and monetize content tailored for new and diverse audiences or markets. This streamlined process opens the doors to creating highly lucrative revenue streams.

Collaboration: With simplified access to their vast content repositories, companies can foster greater collaboration with industry players and, perhaps even more notably, create public-facing platforms designed to license content to third-party entities.

Personalized Marketing: Leveraging the wealth of metadata now at their disposal, users can craft highly targeted advertising and promotional campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and unlocking unprecedented revenue generation potential.

Central to this collaboration is the combination of PFT’s CLEAR, CLEAR AI and consulting services and Microsoft AI and Azure. With PFT’s profound expertise in Media Asset Management and AI/ML technologies and Microsoft’s robust technological infrastructure through Azure’s cloud and Generative AI capabilities, the collaboration forges innovative solutions for managing extensive libraries of multimedia content. This also bridges the gap between on-premises systems and cloud-based solutions, providing a seamless transition for organizations aiming to modernize their media asset management strategies. This integration will empower users to unlock the true potential of their content archives, enhancing accessibility, agility, and innovation.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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