Reltio Customer 360 Data Product Pioneers New Era of AI-powered Data Unification

Reltio, a leading data unification and management company, today introduced its Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, the first in its series of 360 Data Products. This is a next-generation cloud solution that provides a comprehensive view of customer data – in milliseconds. For users, the new solution provides a significant leap toward future-proofing their enterprises against the evolving data challenges of the digital age.

With the Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, users will now have a complete view of the behavioral data, interactions, derived insights, and segments needed to enhance the customer experience and power business outcomes. Without a trusted, accurate, and comprehensive view of customers across the enterprise, companies lose revenue opportunities and face reputational risks. This is especially problematic for operational use cases that serve multiple teams and organizational functions where different technologies are needed to support various groups, adding to the complexity of enterprise architecture. The result is fragmented data that is not trustworthy nor comprehensive, adversely impacting customer retention, conversion rates, and profitability. The Reltio Customer 360 Data Product uniquely addresses the pain points data teams experience in securing a unified customer view by streamlining how organizations unify, enrich, and mobilize customer information across the enterprise.

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When compared with traditional customer data platforms, Reltio Customer 360 Data Product provides a variety of important AI-fueled advancements:

  • Enterprise-wide View: Provides a comprehensive view across multiple first-party and third-party sources for domains, including customer, product, supplier, location, among others.
  • Groundbreaking Approach to Entity Resolution: Reltio’s Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN) for rule-free matching takes automation in data unification to the next level. Using LLM-powered pre-trained ML models, this approach to entity resolution enables rule-free matching with high match accuracy across industries and with minimal effort. FERN automatically suggests matches out-of-the-box with higher accuracy. The pre-trained models incorporate zero-shot learning, eliminating model training, boosting data team productivity, and shortening implementation time by eliminating the hundreds of person-hours previously required to define, configure, and iterate match rules.
  • Real-Time Operations: Mobilizes continuously curated customer profiles in milliseconds and at scale across downstream systems with prebuilt connectors and integrations.
  • Streamlined Data Interoperability: Helps accelerate enterprise-wide business initiatives and facilitates collaboration with business stakeholders through secure, reusable, high-quality data assets.

“Our Reltio Customer 360 Data Product is a significant leap forward in data management. By enabling access to trusted data at the speed of business, we are empowering businesses to leverage their data as a strategic asset in unprecedented ways,” said Manish Sood, CEO and Founder of Reltio. “Our AI-powered platform is designed to be the backbone of data-driven strategies, enabling organizations to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies, manage risk, and drive growth. Reltio Customer 360 speeds up time to value so businesses gain agility and increased responsiveness in today’s fast-paced markets.”

The Reltio Customer 360 Data Product sets new industry standards for data reliability, reusability, operational efficiency, and business agility by enabling data product owners to drive consumption of unified customer data across the enterprise. It enables enterprises to speed data enablement with interoperability and rapid reusability across multiple departments and functions, significantly reducing the IT burden of frequently repackaging data for different departmental needs.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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