Introducing SmartAds – Powered by the ADP

The Association of Directory Publishers, a trade association for print and online directory publishers, announces the release of SmartAds™ in Orlando, FL.

The Association of Directory Publishers (ADP), the trade association that provides print and online directory publishers with thought-leadership, research, and industry best practices, announced the release of SmartAds during its Annual Convention held in Orlando, FL last week. For local businesses wanting to attract new customers, SmartAds combines the value of buying a print directory ad with a powerful online presence, so that consumers can find a business wherever they look.

“Millions of people still look for local businesses in print directories every day,” said Layne Snyder, Vice President at the local media research house, Market Authority. These are mostly older consumers (55+), but they can represent up to 75% of the wealth, depending on the geography, and our research shows that these consumers also convert better and spend more.”

Local businesses that buy ads in a print directory can get in front of these wealthy, ready-to-buy consumers right when they are looking to find a local business. With SmartAds, directory publishers can expand the reach of a print ad by publishing the deep, rich content from a directory ad online.

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All the words in a SmartAd™ are published in print and online so that people searching can find the business anywhere, whether in the local print directory or on Google. In addition to the tremendous value of buying a nice-sized print ad, with SmartAds the content in the directory is all the more significant, as the words used in the print ads can help the local business to be found online.

“Under the SmartAds initiative, ADP rolled out a cloud-based sales tool to support members of the association that want to grow their business by leveraging the content of their print directories online,” said Cindi Aldrich, President and CEO of ADP. “The SmartAds sales tool was built to empower directory and media sales reps to discuss the value of print and online advertising together, increasing revenue and profitability for our members, and lifting rather than cannibalizing their core products.”

SmartAds and the SmartAds sales tool are available for ADP members today. With SmartAds, local businesses can simply “Tell More to Sell More.”

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