KWIK Delivers An E-Commerce Platform That Facilitates Instant Loyalty And Revenue-Generating Incentive Programs For Brands And Affiliates

KwikClick, Inc, an industry-first, multi-purpose service platform and marketplace, which is free to users, utilizing KWIK’s intellectual properties to pay “waves” of commissions and other incentives to anyone willing to make a product recommendation through social media, announces enhanced patent protections critical to the development of their initial shopping-cart widget now available on any brands website.

KWIK’s newest patent-pending technologies do more than lengthen competitive distance; they make KWIK the only known company capable of facilitating a seamless integration for users to become brand ambassadors or get included in incentive programs with a single click. That engagement happens through a KWIK widget incorporated within the shopping cart options on any brand’s website.

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During the checkout process, brands utilizing the KWIK platform  app can simply accept a “checked” box to immediately benefit from their current and future purchases, any “Cash-Back” programs offered by the Brand, sale price, coupon discounts, promotions, accumulation of reward points, entry into sweepstakes or contests, and most important, participation into KWIKs “waves of influence” affiliate program.

KWIK Founder Fred W. Cooper, Ph.D., said, “The benefits that KWIK now provides have changed the landscape of affiliate and influencer marketing on many levels. But it is also an invaluable tool for Brands. Remember, while Brands’ most valuable metric is repeat business, the truth today is that most customers do not participate in rewards, sweepstakes, or affiliate programs. Not because they don’t like the products, but because they feel the benefits are not worth the time taken to sign up.”

He added, “KWIK has changed that dynamic, creating a win-win proposition that can instantly include consumers into branded loyalty programs. But even better, it’s the fastest and only known way for those KWIK Brand users to track redemption, facilitate seamless multi-party engagement, and through a simple enrollment process, allow Brands to collect data provided by KWIK to ascertain the effectiveness of such programs.”

That data is free of charge to KWIK Brand users, and the accumulation of credits, sweepstakes entry, and rewards redemption is all handled by KWIK. The result is a single consolidation redemption process for everyone to utilize free of charge, thereby increasing the adoption of KWIK by consumers and strengthening the reputation and validity of Brand programs.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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