Customer Experience is the Next Battlefield: National Study Led By Jason Dorsey and Chris Johnson Reveals the CX Future for Companies Large and Small

A comprehensive new research study cracks the customer experience code and offers encouraging news and critical information to organizations large and small.

“Now is the time for business and organization leaders to recognize that customer experience is about meeting each generation and customer where they are through the lens of what matters to them,” says Experience Dynamic CEO, Chris Johnson. “And to do that, you have to know their expectations.”

National Study Led By Jason Dorsey and Chris Johnson Reveals the CX Future for Companies Large and Small 

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Key findings from Experience Dynamics‘ The State of Customer Experience 2023 Study (with a few surprises):

  • An eye-popping 72% of Americans say CEOs should have their pay affected based on customer experience.
  • Our data found that 47% of Americans would be willing to pay up to 30% more if immediate service was guaranteed. That is almost half of America saying they are willing to pay materially more for guaranteed immediate service
  • Gen Z has been significantly less satisfied than other generations with all customer experiences. Yet they are more likely than any other generation to give companies a second chance.
  • 85% of Americans and 95% of Boomers say customer experience can make a small company win their business over a large company.

This is the most comprehensive national survey ever undertaken about the customer experience and what customers expect.

“At the end of the day, it’s focusing on your customer at an organizational level. And it involves a lot of collaboration between groups that don’t typically work together inside companies and creating metrics across siloes so that all can work together to give the customer what they want and expect,” said Johnson. “I think this information from our study will help immensely.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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