Quark Boosts Artistic Creativity and Productivity for Maximum Design Impact with New QuarkXPress 2024

Quark Software, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, announced the release of QuarkXPress 2024. The world’s most powerful page layout and digital publishing software now gives designers access to a new extensive visual fonts palette which includes access to 1500+ free Google fonts, local image libraries, GREP support for advanced find and replace of text, and real-time picture links palette capability to bring any creative idea to life. Advanced bidirectional content styling capabilities, an IDML export format option and new macOS Sonoma compatibility expand QuarkXPress’ reach to offer designers comprehensive and flexible capabilities to support their design requirements.

“We’ve been in the content technology business over 40 years and long ago understood the power a publishing asset has in driving engagement,” said Deepak Goyal, Sr. Vice President R&D, Quark. “We took an early stance in supporting the creative design process and the investments we make in QuarkXPress are made through the lens of our customers and the needs of designers all over the world. The new capabilities available in QuarkXPress 2024 are a game-changer for designers, giving them all the necessary tools to push their creative boundaries and deliver stunning content that captivates their audiences.”

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Print documents will continue to have market share; however, digital publishing continues to outpace print as the preferred format for user and buyer consumption. It’s been reported that the digital publishing market is projected to increase in size at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.12% between 2023 and 2028, with a forecasted uptick in market size worth nearly $140 billion US dollars. This projection reinforces the importance of designers having access to the necessary tools to support their ability to create impactful design outputs in an increasingly digital -first market.

QuarkXPress 2024 extends existing compatibility with macOS Ventura and macOS Monterey to include new support for macOS Sonoma. Additional new features and enhancements include:

  • Visual Fonts Palette –Revolutionize font management with the power to view, browse and manage your fonts. Users can iterate ideas fast with font filtering and access to the Google fonts.
  • Real-Time Picture Links Palette – Access to picture link palettes allow users to validate, modify, relink and customize project images in real time. Effortlessly navigate to a specific page of a document to uncover the image being used and have the flexibility to configure the view options according to user preference. This improves productivity with the ability to experiment and iterate more efficiently and accurately, leading to better design outcomes.
  • New Image Formats –Image file format support for WebP, HEIF and HEIC formats with complete fidelity to keep pace with evolving design process efficiency standards. Bolstered compression and quality leads to faster load times and reduced file sizes, enhancing the overall digital design process.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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