Acquia Introduces the Most Complete Digital Experience Optimization Solution

Acquia, the digital experience leader, unveiled the most comprehensive solution on the market for digital experience optimization. The company is expanding its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, enabling organizations to provide even better, more productive digital journeys to meet ever-evolving customer expectations. The enhanced optimization solution includes everything marketers need to improve their organizations’ online presence, including optimization of websites, content, and digital engagement.

The new Acquia solution is based on the company’s acquisition of Monsido (see associated announcement). Monsido is a leading platform for website accessibility, content quality, search engine optimization (SEO), data privacy, and performance. Additionally, Acquia is pleased to announce strategic partnerships with Conductor, the leading organic marketing platform, and VWO, the leading experimentation and conversion optimization platform.

Together, these tools address all facets of optimizing an organization’s online presence. Enhanced digital presence can directly influence user satisfaction and engagement, brand perception, and business success.

“Today’s DXPs fall short in providing a comprehensive offering for digital experience optimization,” said Dries Buytaert, Creator and Project Lead of the Drupal content management system and Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer at Acquia. “Acquia already provides the best platform for building and operating digital experiences. With the acquisition of Monsido and strategic partnerships with VWO and Conductor, we now offer the industry’s best platform for creating inclusive and optimized experiences.”

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Marketers Empowered to Create Inclusive and Productive Customer Journeys

The expanded Acquia digital experience optimization solution includes the following to help marketers meet the demands of today’s users for intuitive, accessible, engaging online interactions:

  • Monsido is a leading web governance platform that provides organizations with tools to optimize their website’s presence, ensuring accessibility compliance, quality assurance, performance optimization, technical search engine optimization (SEO) management, and content efficiency. It also offers data privacy compliance support and user experience (UX) insights, making it easier to maintain a strong, user-friendly, and legally compliant online presence.
  • Conductor supports SEO and content marketing through its comprehensive organic marketing platform that helps brands optimize their online presence and increase organic web traffic from search engines. With cutting-edge AI, Conductor helps brands identify new keyword opportunities, develop and execute on content strategy, optimize content and technical site health, and report on organic search performance.
  • VWO, through the partnership, expands Acquia’s capacity to enhance every aspect of the digital experience. With VWO, Acquia will introduce a range of advanced functionalities for both Drupal and non-Drupal sites, such as decoding running A/B tests or creating personalization campaigns using an inline WYSIWYG editor and generating AI-driven content testing ideas, among many others.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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