WPP unveils AI-powered Production Studio, enabling advertisers to unlock exponentially more content for marketing campaigns

WPP announced the launch of Production Studio, an AI-enabled, end-to-end production application developed using NVIDIA Omniverse, that streamlines and automates the creation of text, images and video, transforming content creation for advertisers and marketers.

Embedded within WPP Open, the company’s intelligent marketing operating system powered by AI, Production Studio will provide access to the company’s generative AI content engine, the result of a close collaboration with NVIDIA that was announced by the two companies in May last year.

Following the findings of a successful pilot phase in the last 12 months with industry-leading companies including Ford and L’Oréal, advertisers could unlock exponentially more content when they transform to an AI-enabled content supply chain powered by Production Studio.

Production Studio directly addresses the challenges advertisers continue to face in producing brand-compliant and product-accurate content at scale. The innovative solution combines advanced AI technology and human creativity with proprietary 3D workflows enabled by Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) to generate hyper-realistic and accurate content at an unprecedented volume.

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The new Production Studio delivers six key AI-powered benefits to advertisers:

  1. Streamlines the creation of 3D product models and centralises content updates throughout the production lifecycle.
  2. Produces high-quality visual content using advanced AI and data-driven insights to ensure brand authenticity and cultural relevance.
  3. Uses AI to generate consistent, on-brand multilingual copy.
  4. Compiles and customises channel-ready assets at scale, enabling dynamic content that is tailored to various platforms and audience needs.
  5. Connects assets with relevant data and insights to deliver precisely targeted, personalised communications through the relevant channels.
  6. Uses real-time performance data to adapt and enhance asset performance and user experiences in an agile way.

Though Production Studio is enhanced by AI, governance guardrails are in place to ensure that human oversight is present at every stage of the workflow. This ensures that content is brand-safe, ethically transparent and legally compliant.

Stephan Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer at WPP, said: “Production Studio exemplifies WPP’s commitment to innovation and our ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive growth for our clients through WPP Open. By combining the power of AI with human creativity and expertise, we are redefining the boundaries of content creation and delivering value to our clients around the world.”

Priti Mhatre, Managing Director, Strategic Consulting and AI at Hogarth, said: “Production Studio is a game-changer for the content creation industry. By harnessing the power of generative AI and NVIDIA Omniverse, we are changing the way brands create and deliver content. This innovative solution empowers our clients to achieve unparalleled scale, speed, accuracy and creativity in their marketing campaigns.”


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