Openscreen launches Openscreen Engage, an All-in-One Publishing Solution for QR Code Driven Content

Openscreen, a leading provider of QR Code driven enterprise solutions, announced the release of Openscreen Engage, an end-to-end solution for publishing QR Code led interactive content for on-location marketing, education and promotional campaigns.

Building upon Openscreen’s dynamic QR Code, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and messaging building blocks, Openscreen Engage adds rich online publishing capabilities to give companies, brands and venues a turnkey system to design, launch and track QR Code programs. This empowers businesses to quickly leverage and integrate the full potential of QR Codes into their operations and marketing initiatives.

Gemini Waghmare, CEO of Openscreen, commented, “QR Codes have emerged as the most accessible contactless solution in the marketplace today. That said, customers tell us it’s cumbersome to manage content, QR Codes and user profiles across many separate systems. Openscreen Engage brings all of that together to allow businesses to take educational and interactive content to their employees and customers where they want and need to consume it.”

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With Openscreen Engage, businesses can leverage a cloud-based solution to:

  • Design, publish and manage interactive mobile multimedia content.
  • Style, create and print dynamic, branded QR Codes.
  • Use form templates to capture consented customer and employee data.
  • Send notifications via e-mail, text, and multimedia messaging.
  • Gather scan data and content usage insights via reporting and analytics.

“Openscreen Engage is the first application on our newly launched App Marketplace and we know this is something that will dramatically simplify the lifecycle of QR Code content publishing. We’re very excited to release it into the market and empower customers to optimize their QR Code initiatives,” added Stephanie Blom, Openscreen’s Head of Product.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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