Ruth Kuttler is Changing the World of Marketing with Unique High-Converting Digital Content Marketing Strategies


Mission Matters Marketing Podcast host Adam Torres interviews Ruth Kuttler, the Director and Owner of Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency

Ruth Kuttler has been expertly acquainted with the evolution of the Internet and digital marketing. She and her exceptional team are well-versed with growing trends, compelling content creation, pixel perfect web design, and custom web development designed for conversions and automation. Through comprehensive and innovative digital services, Webpuzzlemaster helps local businesses and entrepreneurs capture market share, increase revenues, strengthen their brand and reputation, promote customer retention, and use technology for automation to enhance productivity and ROI (return on investment).

Listen to the full interview of Ruth Kuttler with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast

Ruth’s Life-Changing Career Change From Healthcare to Digital Services

Before shifting to a digital design and marketing career, Ruth faced challenges as a nurse practitioner and in various nursing roles in her healthcare career. Her quest to find her purpose and passion led to participation in a poetry contest. This was the catalyst that ultimately helped Ruth discover her passion and potential for making a creative career change. Ruth knew that the internet would play a dominant role in the future. With her husband’s support, Ruth quit nursing and enrolled in a program to acquire skills in graphics and web design, HTML and internet marketing. Initially, she collaborated with a partner for web design and development projects. In 2007, she became a solo entrepreneur, founding Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency for providing comprehensive services designed to follow trends and proven online practices.

The Evolution of Digital Content Marketing

When Ruth transitioned her career, technology was much less advanced, and mobile marketing did not exist. Most businesses were skeptical that the internet would replace their reliance on word of mouth, direct mail, and the phonebook. Yet Ruth was able to change clients’ minds through the results she achieved.

Ruth intuitively created quality content optimized with relevant keywords that produced top Google rankings almost right away. At the time, though, Google and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were not popular. Nevertheless, SEO combined with compelling written content and images, helped Ruth to achieve outstanding results. One of her clients, formerly totally reliant on pricey paid leads, quickly began to acquire quality leads and customers from his website. This changed his mind about the value of the Internet.

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Website and Planning Strategies for Business Owners Seeking to Improve their Results

Today, all businesses require a website for branding and to maximize leads and revenues from a powerful online presence. Ruth explained that the website receives traffic from all sources. This is where the bulk of conversions occur.

Ruth described an effective website as one that speaks to the ideal customer with compelling content that sets the business apart from competitors, and is easy to navigate for mobile as well as desktop and TV users. Impressive audience-specific content is designed to produce conversions that may include lead generation, sales, list-building, event registrations, and social sharing. Besides content, high-converting websites must be fast-loading and provide an optimum user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Before creating a website, Ruth spends time with prospective business owners to fully understand their needs, goals, budget, and requirements. Her strategic planning services integrate the client’s unique selling proposition (USP), competitor analysis, a thorough understanding of the market that connects to the heart of their ideal audience, and keywords that the target market is searching. Another consideration is that products or services are unique, in demand, and not likely to lose appeal due to changing market conditions.

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Where Most Brands Go Wrong With Targeting and Customer Retention

During the interview, Ruth recalled an experience with a client selling upscale products to a high end BTB market. The company had an old, outdated website where messaging attracted a BTC customer and omitted engaging images and content to target ideal customers. A redevelopment of this project based on detailed strategic planning and keyword optimized compelling content, transformed results very quickly as the client rapidly increased inquiries and sales from her targeted BTB market.

Another problem frequently encountered with brands is their failure to use strategies to boost customer loyalty and retain customers. This is where automated marketing via email and SMS text campaigns can be very valuable in retaining customers, increasing profits, and producing a significant ROI.

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