Dynata named Overall Winner of 2024 I-COM Global Data Creativity Awards

Dynata, the most trusted source for reliable, accurate first-party data, was selected the Overall Winner of the 2024 I-COM Global Data Creativity Awards held on May 16, 2024, in Magala, Spain. The I-COM Data Creativity Awards are held annually and serve as a means of recognizing groundbreaking achievements in data marketing. Dynata’s submission “QualityScore, a new method for rooting out survey fraud and disengagement using AI,” won first place in the Data Quality category.

QualityScore is Dynata’s AI-driven data quality tool and a critical component of Dynata’s unrivalled data quality program. QualityScore™ uses 175+ passively tracked behaviors to identify patterns of behavior that suggest poor quality data related to fraud or low attentiveness by monitoring in-survey behavior — such as the standard checks for speeding, straight-lining, and open-ends — as well as hundreds of passive indicators — such as mouse movement, survey acceleration, hot-key usage, time on page, typing speed, page translation.

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Taken together, QualityScore™ can catch sophisticated fraud that is difficult to spot with behavioral checks, alone. QualityScore™ also uses this information to differentiate partial disengagement (normal and expected) from complete disengagement (a data quality concern), which can be difficult to determine through manual cleaning alone.

“QualityScore is a critical component of our overall data quality program. We are thrilled that the I-COM judges recognized the importance of this innovative method by which we use AI to vastly improve the quality of data we all need to make good decisions,” says Steven Millman, Global Head of Research and Data Science. “Dynata continues to lead the way in using AI and innovative solutions to deliver high quality data and market research for our clients.”

“The quality of our data in the marketing ecosystem is vital to the health of the entire industry. We are delighted to present Dynata with this award in recognition of their profound impact on improving the data we all rely on.” Andreas Cohen, Founder and Chairman, I-COM Global.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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