Amplience Launches Accelerated Media to Cut Page Load Times, Improving Search Engine Rankings & User Experience

Amplience, the AI Content company, has announced the launch of Accelerated Media, its new image and video optimization Amplifier feature. Built on top of its enterprise-scale digital asset management (DAM) platform, Accelerated Media delivers a fast route for retailers to increase their competitive edge and elevate the consumer experience.

As retailers put in place preparations for this year’s Peak season, they are looking for solutions that can deliver superior digital experiences by significantly reducing page loading times leading to higher SEO rankings and improved conversion rates. Accelerated Media meets those needs. Building upon Amplience’s Smart Images service, the new solution supports the latest media codecs, offering the most efficient file formats available to optimise page load times without sacrificing quality.

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“We know from research that an eCommerce site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 3x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds, and lower file sizes directly correspond to page load,” said John Williams, CTO at Amplience. “Retailers can expect a 50% reduction in file size using AVIF files through the new Accelerated Media solution vs JPEG, and a 20% reduction for AVIF vs WebP. These significant reductions are not just restricted to images: video file sizes using VP9 and H265 will also be reduced by 40%, and retailers will be able to deliver the same perceptual quality compared to previously supported formats.”

Accelerated Media features real-time processing with intentionally set guardrails which balance file size and speed. This allows high performing image types to be selected without compromising on perceptual quality or page load times.

“At the most pressurised time of the year during Peak, every millisecond counts to outperform competitors,” said Williams. “Accelerated Media is positioned to improve SEO by responding to search engines that prioritize user experience and favour faster-loading sites. Higher rankings increase visibility and organic traffic, and sites that load quickly receive lower bounce rates and more transactions.”

Amplience has designed Accelerated Media to offer fast gains with minimal changes. Customers can purchase the Amplifier directly from Amplience and, if they are already using Smart Images, take advantage of the new codecs immediately. Amplience customers not using Smart Images will need a small front-end development change for the solution to take effect.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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