Assurance IQ Leverages the Innervate Experience Orchestration Platform To Power World-Class Marketing Experiences

Innervate, the dynamic customer experience company, announced that Assurance IQ, an insurance technology company that aims to simplify the process of purchasing insurance by using technology and data-driven solutions, is leveraging the Innervate platform to orchestrate marketing experiences. With Innervate’s platform, Assurance IQ immediately gained access to scalable creative production, consistent branding, tighter data controls and better-performing creative across numerous CX use cases.

Assurance iQ needed to break down silos to work more effectively with an eye toward scaling in the future. Sometimes, performance data never made it to the right team or right channel. Creative efforts were frequently replicated and redundant, and Assurance IQ needed a plan of attack for growing its creative content at scale without all the hassle and while capitalizing on solid data.

“Innervate is thrilled to partner with Assurance IQ on its mission to deliver world-class customer experiences designed to protect and improve the personal and financial health of all consumers,” Mitchell Weisman, co-founder and CEO of Innervate, said.  “Now, with Innervate’s plug-and-play solution for unlimited customer experience use cases, Assurance IQ can meet consumers wherever they are in life with custom-tailored solutions just for them.”

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Innervate’s plug-and-play platform enabled Assurance IQ to divide its media management and creative orchestration into two distinct practices. With this separation, the media managers were able to focus more on audiences, and the creative team could focus more on creative performance.

“Launching Innervate was, in fact, the point that we moved media and creative into separate workstreams,” Rob Saunders, senior director of marketing strategy at Assurance IQ, said. “We relied on the Innervate solution to make this change. It empowered the creative optimization team to flight tests while media managers could focus on finding the right audiences for our products and services. This included teams focusing on distinct KPIs: ROI for the media team and creative yield for our creative optimization team.”

With the Innervate solution, Assurance IQ has a scalable content platform to evolve its brand. This allows for consistent, statistically significant improvements in creative yield, with data accessible across the teams and actionable insights that drive strategy.

“We wanted a platform that could fit our business and allow for continuous improvements in customer experience and media efficiency. And that’s what we got,” Saunders said. “The platform accommodates us, and we are able to run testing at scale to understand what’s resonating with different audiences, introduce them to our brands and, ultimately, lead to a sale. If I have to give a grade for this tool and the team supporting it, I give it an A-plus.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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